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Researchers say small-holder farms can produce
enough to feed the world
without synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.
(UN Report, Willy Blackmore,

Returning to Nature & Solution-based Technologies!

Solar Greenhouse. Credit. Mother Earth News.

In 2008, I had a vision or dream that we (human beings) needed to live more closely to Nature, Mother Father Earth, in a cooperative, peaceful existence among regardless of tribal (cultural) affiliation. Since then I’ve been in awe of technology that can and have been used to help elevate this planet and our human family.

Once I discovered the ‘discovery’ of free energy and the many technologies that support a whole new web of living – I was both amazed and deeply saddened that most people were not aware of this or taking the necessary steps to make the changes we truly needed to make on this planet. Again I felt, I was born just way to early to feel completely at ‘home.’

When I discovered the works of Dr. Royal Rife, and Nikola Tesla and even contemporaries like Dr. Sebi I became further disillusioned. That we as a humanity, human kind, human race or man had ways to go before truly making the progress I have dreamed of and remembered.

Today I feel we can continue to educate, inspire and make the small changes necessary for our children’s  children. The technologies and inventions of the early centuries are being used today and will continue to be the foundation of so called modern green technology. I am even more hopeful that people with concentrated carbon (or melanin) can do our part in this evolution by invoking and awakening cellular memory to better use these technologies already in place within the geo-grid systems.

Some Technologies and Solution-based discoveries, you may not know (but should):

Nikola Tesla.

Diesel Fuel Motor  (1890) – can be used for varieties of alternative fuels other then gasoline (invented by Rudolf Christian Karl Diesel) Warning: Know your state tax laws before using!


Royal Rife Machine  (1929 ) – In 1931 Rife invited doctors to a dinner called “The End To All Diseases” where he proved and documented with his invention, the Royal Rife machine  a “Mortal Oscillatory Rate” for various pathogenic organisms, and to be able to destroy the organisms by vibrating them at this particular rate. (was discredited from the US and Medical community)

Dr. Max Gerson Therapy for Treating Cancer – (1928) – Metabolic (heal yourself) therapies, using organic plant based diet, juicing, plus supplements, and a coffee enema (detoxification) to cure terminal cases of cancer (50% cure rate).

Dr. Sebi “Heals All Disease” Court Case – (1988)– Claimed and documented a 100% cure rate for diseases (Diabetes, Cancer, Sickle Cell, Impotence, STDs, Paralysis, Lupus, Herpes, AIDS/HIV, Blindness, Tumors, Eczema, Arthritis,etc) using the African Bio-mineral Balance –  plant based, high alkaline, whole, non-hybrid foods (fruits, seeds, nuts, vegetable, spices, grains and herbs)  used as an intra-cellular detoxifying cleanse that restores and purifies each cell in the body!

  • Cosmic Orgone Energy – (1930) – Wilhelm Rich
  • Perpetual Motion – Free Energy (1930s/1940s) – Viktor Schauberger – Implosion Engines
  • Water Fuel and Water Fuel Cells – Stanley Meyer – Hydrogen fuel –  produced by Super-Efficient Electrolysis
  • Earthquake Machine – Nikola Tesla – mechanical resonance oscillators
  • Flexible Glass -Roman empire – Inventor beheaded by Cesar
  • Cold Fusion Device – Eugene Mallove
  • Anti-Gravity Device – (1956) – Thomas Townsend Brown
  • Heat – Solar Energy as Fuel- (1900) –  Nikola Tesla
  • Magnetism – (1821) –  Joseph Henry discovered how to make an artificial magnetic field\
  • Magnetism  – (1831 ) – Michael Farraday – electromagnetic induction – Electric motor
  • Radiant Energy – (1875) – Sir William Crookes discovered the properties of Radiant Matter
  • Radio Luminescence – a  self glowing radium paint used on photovoltaic panels (solar cells) to produce electricity 24 hours a day for 15 years banned after the 1970s!
  • Mechanical Heaters – Frenette (USA) and Perkins (USA) – machines that transform a small amount of mechanical energy into a large amount of heat
  • Mechanically powered engine – 1712 – Johann Bessler – using Centrifugal Force


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