Travel – Smithsonian Gems Exhibit – Ancestor Montage

Ria Sweetraw | NaturalSelfGoddess ™♥ Blog travels to Washington, DC to visit the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History Gems exhibit and adds an Ancestor montage.

Finding Nature! Road Trip Amicalola Falls

In  June, I took an impromptu road trip through the state of Georgia. Unlike Virginia, I knew very little of the back roads, paths, rivers, creeks, state parks and landscapes Georgia has to offer. And i was in “need” of some form of Nature relief so I packed my trunk with what was initially aContinue reading “Finding Nature! Road Trip Amicalola Falls”

Question to Mr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Why Don’t You Know Your REAL History?!!

Question to Mr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. “WHY DON’T YOU KNOW YOUR REAL HISTORY!??” (after watching a few episodes of his show, Finding Your Roots, with Bill Hader and Keenen Ivory Wayans, Mr. Gates, You Pissed Me Off!)   Race Rant #1: No black people are not all descendant of slaves Mr. Henry Louis GatesContinue reading “Question to Mr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Why Don’t You Know Your REAL History?!!”

gratitude givings ♥ #198

I am grateful for new beginnings! The fear that rushes over me when I’m embarking on something entirely ‘new’ my eagerness to learn, soak up, absorb, remember, and make sense of  this ‘new’ information i have forgotten in my Soul’s journey and seeking to reconnect to in this life time! Ase!  let there be hotep!Continue reading “gratitude givings ♥ #198”

“Yoga as Elevation” – Morning Ritual – Benefits of Kemetic Yoga

I had the opportunity to meet and take classes with Brother Baba Master Teacher Yirser Ra Hotep founder of Kemtic Skills Yoga in 2011. Prior to this group class at PIES in Alexandria, Virginia, we met in a small community Bellydance and Yoga weekend workshop in Brooklyn, New York. I was all smiles in myContinue reading ““Yoga as Elevation” – Morning Ritual – Benefits of Kemetic Yoga”

Returning to Nature+ Solution-based Technologies!

Returning to Nature & Solution-based Technologies! In 2008, I had a vision or dream that we (human beings) needed to live more closely to Nature, Mother Father Earth, in a cooperative, peaceful existence among regardless of tribal (cultural) affiliation. Since then I’ve been in awe of technology that can and have been used to help elevateContinue reading “Returning to Nature+ Solution-based Technologies!”

Thankful Thursdays: May You Wake with Gratitude

I am ThankFull for the BEES, the Mushrooms, the Butterflies, this healing Sun, these sacred Trees, and the Air I breathe! Day 182 There is so much to be thankful for! As I was sprinting, running, walking my hour away today. The sight of butterflies and bees under the 80 degree Sun had me notContinue reading “Thankful Thursdays: May You Wake with Gratitude”