I was asked yesterday by a really cute guy with the dreads what I like about Portland. His brown face was in disbelief knowing I come from the East Coast.  Originally I replied,  “the food trucks,” when he asked which food trucks and I said “I mean juice trucks!” I had the feeling he didn’tContinue reading “eScooters”

Forms of Gratitude & Love!

Peace Global Family! Happy August! That Blood Moon ( Full Moon Eclipse) has provided some powerful shifts and I’m so thankful for this growth, wisdom, sight, and the myriad of opportunities! So much has been happening since my last post (so much I don’t post). I am working on creating a blog post schedule to keepContinue reading “Forms of Gratitude & Love!”

where is ria?| fitness check’in

It’s been some time since I posted to NaturalSelfGoddess the Blog, for one I’m happily in college and killing it so far (fingers crossed) in my courses. Truth be told I LOVE SCHOOL, ACADEMICS AND LEARNING!  (i’d learn something new even if i wasn’t in a classroom) Since childhood, I’ve been competitive in academics andContinue reading “where is ria?| fitness check’in”

A Gymnast is Born: Meet Allison Tellez

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of witnessing my niece, Allison Tellez, age 8, compete at The Royals Invitational at Stafford High School.   It was my first-ever live gymnast meet and to be honest, I’m rather hooked. I wish my kids were still young enough to learn and join in the fun. AtContinue reading “A Gymnast is Born: Meet Allison Tellez”

Best Belly Fat Exercises for Quick Weight Loss

Want to loose Belly Fat and Burn Calories Fast? According to research (Colorado State University) you can burn an extra 200 calories by doing just 2.5 minutes of sprint intervals! Sprinting – for the Fastest Calorie Burn Sprinting is so awesome! I didn’t find out until last night just how effective these interval exercises truly can be. AfterContinue reading “Best Belly Fat Exercises for Quick Weight Loss”


WHERE HAS RIA BEEN? You probably think I jumped off the face of the earth but I was  recovering from  a serious bout of Anemia and had to take a break from weight training lifting and exercise. It was awful! I had extreme guilt, shame and was in denial. For years I bragged about my almostContinue reading “MY COMING OUT, FINDING BALANCE, LISTENING TO YOUR BODY”

Jump Rope Routines for BEST Calorie Burn

Want to burn calories fast? Have 10 minutes out of your busy schedule and want maximum results? Jumping rope is  one of the best exercise routines to burn calories fast. In 10 minutes you can burn 100 calories, that’s right! You can get a Gold’s Gym brand jump rope from Walmart for under $3.00! OrContinue reading “Jump Rope Routines for BEST Calorie Burn”

Fitness Update, Fitness Programs, Nutritional Meal Plans, Fit Apps

Fitness Goal: Be Healthy, Feel Lighter, More Energy Programs: 30 Day Vegan Challenge: May 6, 2015 – June 6, 2015 Initial Weight: 140 lbs, May 6, 2015 End Weight: 131 lbs Fitness Goal: Cultivate Daily Fitness Habit  Program Motivation: 30 Day Fitness Challenge Programs: Hero’s Journey (30 Days), Cardio, 30 Day Yoga, Running, Sprints InitialContinue reading “Fitness Update, Fitness Programs, Nutritional Meal Plans, Fit Apps”

Fitness Journey – 21DFX Completed!

Ready, Set, Go-ddess! Yeah! I just did my 1st ever BeachBody Program and completed my 1st round of 21DFX (21 Day Fix Extreme)! I am so excited!!! I was ‘mini-shopping’ last night and as I was in the bread aisle looking for low carb wraps for sandwiches, a Brother commented “I gotta see what bread you’re  getting!Continue reading “Fitness Journey – 21DFX Completed!”

Aware of Subtle Energies  + Cleansing Strategies  It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update or fitness motivation! August has been busy so far! It’s back to school (yeah!) And things are moving fast! I awakened at 1 am this morning with a knocking I thought I was late getting my daughter up atContinue reading