The Heart of Transformation – My Fitness Journey in Progress

If I can inspire just one person to eat healthy, exercise, and continue to learn (mentally and spiritually) then I’m doing my job here on this planet Earth! Be Happy, Be Abundant, Be Empowered! ~ Ria

Herbal Healing Hacks – Thyroid Support Herbs, Everlasting Life, and SunGazing Immunity

Vegan Soul Food at Everlasting Life Who doesn’t love vegan soul food? The tasty indulgence of childhood Southern favorites with the shedded guilt of pulling heavy meat industry resources from the planet. Ahh, biting into a buffalo-sauced, meat-free wing is as close to extravagance. Although hard-core vegans would argue “why fake a meat dish atContinue reading “Herbal Healing Hacks – Thyroid Support Herbs, Everlasting Life, and SunGazing Immunity”

Words of Power – Adding mantras to your physical routine

Adding mantras to your physical routine Mind over matter, thoughts create things, if you think you can or you cant you’re right, all these philosophical phrases are true. They can make the difference between winning or failure, attaining your goal or watching it drift up with the wind of your dreams. Truth is you createContinue reading “Words of Power – Adding mantras to your physical routine”

where is ria?| fitness check’in

It’s been some time since I posted to NaturalSelfGoddess the Blog, for one I’m happily in college and killing it so far (fingers crossed) in my courses. Truth be told I LOVE SCHOOL, ACADEMICS AND LEARNING!  (i’d learn something new even if i wasn’t in a classroom) Since childhood, I’ve been competitive in academics andContinue reading “where is ria?| fitness check’in”

“as you think, so shall you become”

Leave it to the profound wisdom of the martial arts master, sir Bruce Lee to bring the truth where it counts, “As you think, so shall you become.” Life can often be full of challenges that we must rise to overcome, rediscover ourselves, and create the balance our soul, spirit, mind and body need toContinue reading ““as you think, so shall you become””

Be Your own Superhero! – Burpee Tuck Jumps for @Home Fitness with Ria Sweetraw

Invest in Yourself! Commit to 30 minutes a day of physical exercise 3-4 days a week! Empower yourself, Improve yourself, Inspire others to live a healthier more balanced lifestyle! Here are  just a few benefits of daily exercise practice: Improve Your Sex Drive and Happiness Increase Immunity and overall wellness Reduce risks of Cardiovascular Disease, Cancer, Diabetes Build BoneContinue reading “Be Your own Superhero! – Burpee Tuck Jumps for @Home Fitness with Ria Sweetraw”

Happy Fortitude Fitness ♥ Friday

Happy Friday Family! (Happy New Moon in Sagittarius and for the vedic kemetic astrology Opichius New Moon!) I had no idea it was a new moon although I think a few days ago, I was looking at a crescent waning moon and thought “Ahh, how gorgeous” before rushing into my next task.  At some point I did findContinue reading “Happy Fortitude Fitness ♥ Friday”

Best Belly Fat Exercises for Quick Weight Loss

Want to loose Belly Fat and Burn Calories Fast? According to research (Colorado State University) you can burn an extra 200 calories by doing just 2.5 minutes of sprint intervals! Sprinting – for the Fastest Calorie Burn Sprinting is so awesome! I didn’t find out until last night just how effective these interval exercises truly can be. AfterContinue reading “Best Belly Fat Exercises for Quick Weight Loss”


WHERE HAS RIA BEEN? You probably think I jumped off the face of the earth but I was  recovering from  a serious bout of Anemia and had to take a break from weight training lifting and exercise. It was awful! I had extreme guilt, shame and was in denial. For years I bragged about my almostContinue reading “MY COMING OUT, FINDING BALANCE, LISTENING TO YOUR BODY”

Fitness Milestones | Celebrating 30 Days of MyFitnessPal!

DAILY ACCOUNTABILITY Sometimes it’s important to toot your own horn! Stay humble but acknowledge the changes, transformations and shifts in consciousness and habits. There are times when I get discouraged, I want instant results and I have to remember this is a process that requires patience, commitment, perseverance, and a kind of ‘obsession’. I amContinue reading “Fitness Milestones | Celebrating 30 Days of MyFitnessPal!”