Watercress Apple Juice – Quick K + Vitamins C, E, B’s!

Watercress is truly one of my FAVORITE super super foods! My first time being vegan some 20 years ago, I ate watercress like it was candy, back then with garlic, olive oil, sliced onions, and raw apple cider vinegar marinade. Today, I eat it mostly raw with a dabble of salt, organic cold pressed oliveContinue reading “Watercress Apple Juice – Quick K + Vitamins C, E, B’s!”

Find Your Inspiration! Beats Motivation

 Fitness Gear | Beats Motivation  Sometimes you have to find your inspiration. Sometimes it finds you! You’re cooking dinner, and can barely walk from Leg Day,or  was Leg Day 2 days ago, yes…it was Biceps yesterday… candlelit aromatherapy of cedarwood, tea tree and a splash of cinnamon soothes the senses and soreness but wait as youContinue reading “Find Your Inspiration! Beats Motivation”