Uplift, Purify, Tone! Ancient Cedarwood Aromatherapy

Cleanse, Empower and Relieve Muscles Aches from a Gruesome Workout! Not only do Essential Oils feel good on the skin, they can be used potently in Aromatherapy and inhaled through the nasal passages. Aromatherapy is an ancient healing modality practiced in Antiquity such as Egypt, Africa, India, Tibet, the Mediterranean and throughout the Tribal RegionsContinue reading “Uplift, Purify, Tone! Ancient Cedarwood Aromatherapy”

3 Month Strong – Natural Hair Journey Celebration! (Hair-spiration from around our globe!)

So it’s been 3 months with my hair natural and I  finally have the ‘itch’ to do ‘something’ with it.  I’m debating if I should do a ‘protective style’ for a week then take it out or just leave it alone and let it sprout! I LOVE LONG HAIR! But I dont’ want to getContinue reading “3 Month Strong – Natural Hair Journey Celebration! (Hair-spiration from around our globe!)”

Top Natural Hair Bloggers and Vloggers!

This could be placed under BE EMPOWERED! – but  I figured it might better serve (at least for now) under the Natural Hair (r)Evolution page. Here is a short list of the BEST natural hair resources on the web! I’ve committed myself to leave my own hair in its “natural’ state sans ‘protective styling’ hairContinue reading “Top Natural Hair Bloggers and Vloggers!”