Wisdom of the Elders – recognizing and making sacred kinnections on your journey

making sacred kinnections on your journey Neuroplasticity speaks to the ability to rewire the brain through forming new connections via stimuli (expanded environment) activating synapses to strengthen cortical organization systems, synaptic (neuro) connections, and even cortical remapping.   “Pushing our self past our boundaries of limitation and extreme, sometimes to something that knocks off ourContinue reading “Wisdom of the Elders – recognizing and making sacred kinnections on your journey”

21 mudras for meditation 

21 Mudras for Meditation ~ this is absolutely on my 2016 List” in fact I haven’t named my 2016 list just yet but its fast being created as a ‘goal’ ..a 21 Day Mudras Challenge is going in there somewhere so its already out into the Universe under this Capricorn (Sagittarius, Tehuti) New Moon (chuckle) …peace,Continue reading “21 mudras for meditation “

Day 18 ♥ Fitness (Owning the Yang of My Self)

“Why Men Love Bitches” ? I had just spoken about the awesome amount of Self Love that a woman must own, cultivate and embrace from within herself  to stay on course, live her purpose and find true happiness, when this video “popped up” from the many fitness training videos I was watching. How beautifully synchronistic!Continue reading “Day 18 ♥ Fitness (Owning the Yang of My Self)”

#gratitude183 – Blue Bird Medicine Song

I AM Thankful to the Creator for  bringing me back into Alignment, back to my full Senses and Sanity, for allowing me to Communicate and know Truth, to be closer to Nature, for this Creative Abundance Within Me and Supporting Me, to be Alive and InLove Naturally! I give thanks! Day 183 On my walk today IContinue reading “#gratitude183 – Blue Bird Medicine Song”

daughter of the Sun ♥ Sa Ra daughters rising!

i know im here to master some things…  arent we all… happy rising! intend your day brings on a whole new meaning ohh, how we can use this energy ! there is only bliss, only unity, only love, only freedom! for ALL InLove!   Ria    

Can Exercise Make You more Spiritual? Lucid Journeys+Exercise

“To love Nature is to love your Real Self, for Nature itself is an expression of the essence of what you are.” We do not see what is, we see what we are. In other words, what is within us determines our outlook. ~ OmHarmonics.com Lucid, Yes Lucid Dreaming Journeys!   Last night, after daysContinue reading “Can Exercise Make You more Spiritual? Lucid Journeys+Exercise”

♥ 30 Day Meditation Challenge – w/ Faith Hunter

Day 1 – Getting Started With Meditation – with Faith Hunter     There are so many benefits to practicing meditation!  Improves Sleep and Sleep patterns Lowers Blood Pressure Increased good mood Increases Serotonin production Strengthens the Immune System Empowers Energy and Inner Outer Strength Decreases Anxiety and depression Increases Intuition and opens higher chakras Creates aContinue reading “♥ 30 Day Meditation Challenge – w/ Faith Hunter”

Why Frequency Matters – How to Raise Your Vibration Fast!

Frequency Matters Raising higher frequencies creates a life that is filled with synchronicity, magic, blessings, abundance and wellness. It is a natural high that is completely organic, non toxic, and empowering for all. As you receive unconditional love and consciously channel that frequency others come to you for healing and subsequently reciprocate love, kindness, joy,Continue reading “Why Frequency Matters – How to Raise Your Vibration Fast!”