Urban Agriculture, Collard Wrap Recipe, and Free Copy of 7day Vegan eBook

Fascinated and Obsessed with Collards Maybe I’m fascinated with Collards! I’ve made collard wraps in Georgia for a Ria Sweetraw Vegan Food Demo at a Farmer’s Market and have been hooked ever since. When I discovered that OSU in partnership with Culinary Breeding Network, showcased a Winter Vegetable Sagra + Variety Showcase featuring a weekContinue reading “Urban Agriculture, Collard Wrap Recipe, and Free Copy of 7day Vegan eBook”

21 mudras for meditation 

21 Mudras for Meditation ~ this is absolutely on my 2016 List” in fact I haven’t named my 2016 list just yet but its fast being created as a ‘goal’ ..a 21 Day Mudras Challenge is going in there somewhere so its already out into the Universe under this Capricorn (Sagittarius, Tehuti) New Moon (chuckle) …peace,Continue reading “21 mudras for meditation “

gratitude givings ♥ #195

I AM grateful for our abundant Universe this Love we see this Love we express this Love we embody in our life work and walking in purpose our Divinity our Sacred Self for all that is I see you. I see me. Day 195    

Thankful Thursdays: May You Wake with Gratitude

I am ThankFull for the BEES, the Mushrooms, the Butterflies, this healing Sun, these sacred Trees, and the Air I breathe! Day 182 There is so much to be thankful for! As I was sprinting, running, walking my hour away today. The sight of butterflies and bees under the 80 degree Sun had me notContinue reading “Thankful Thursdays: May You Wake with Gratitude”