Tuesday Motivation+Love!

Just a little soft push to remind you to build your ‘Team’ wisely choose truly supportive progressive people who have your best interest at heart mediate on sincerity, truth, courage, honesty, fortitude, confidence, victory, abundance! And get to WORK on your dreams, your goals, your tasks, your fitness, your life!   Push YourSelf! Have ConfidenceContinue reading “Tuesday Motivation+Love!”

Find Your Inspiration! Beats Motivation

 Fitness Gear | Beats Motivation  Sometimes you have to find your inspiration. Sometimes it finds you! You’re cooking dinner, and can barely walk from Leg Day,or  was Leg Day 2 days ago, yes…it was Biceps yesterday… candlelit aromatherapy of cedarwood, tea tree and a splash of cinnamon soothes the senses and soreness but wait as youContinue reading “Find Your Inspiration! Beats Motivation”

BeFit Mondays!

Motivation Mondays! Balancing Self in this Real World! Stay Focused and Manifest Your Goals!!!  I have a ‘ton’ of articles I’ve written for this blog, was working a few last night before my Sun interrupted me with Tumblr and CNN live footage from Ferguson! I was overwhelmed feeling Ive been purposefully in my own littleContinue reading “BeFit Mondays!”


I couldn’t resist! After the WonderWoman Workout, I did a 30 minute Dance cardio (Dropped It Low!), then Started my Day 1 of my 30Day 1400 BURPEES CHALLENGE!  Can you believe I had to warm into it? Ssshhh, I actually did an extra 10 for just thinking about committing a Cheat Day desert! I postedContinue reading “Day 1- 30+DAY 1400BURPEES CHALLENGE”

10 Ways to Increase Your Run Time

1. Build Strong Core Muscles: Try Plank variations such as Runner Plank, Alt/Side Plank, Basu Ball Planks ,Plank Arm Leg Raises 2. Stretch: Static stretches including hip flexors 3. Practice Striders: Warm up or practice with Sprints to improve speed and technique 4. Switch up your Training:  Choose HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) then Interval TrainingContinue reading “10 Ways to Increase Your Run Time”