Free Online Urban Agriculture 👩🏾‍🌾 Intro Class and Finding Clean Seeds

Growing Microgreens & Online Free Class I recently gathered some micro green items from a local garden 🪴 store to complete a free class at OSU Growing Microgreens. Since growing conditions require lots of sunlight and this is Portland, I’ve decided to get a grow light for any seeds I plant indoors. In my researchContinue reading “Free Online Urban Agriculture 👩🏾‍🌾 Intro Class and Finding Clean Seeds”

Free Online Food Growing Classes You Can Take Right Now

Food Security and Gardening Resources I awoke this morning reminded of the commitments I had from a vision back in 2009 about indigenous living and assimilation of technology — living in harmony. Apocalyptic Dystopian Scenarios Unfortunately, many TV shows and movies would suggest apocalyptic, “end of times”  dystopian futures where our world is ravished byContinue reading “Free Online Food Growing Classes You Can Take Right Now”

The Harmonic Convergence 2020 Experiment

Meditation is such a gift! Listening to a podcast with Ras Ben and the Twin Pillars (KnowTheLedge Media) this morning, I was alerted to the planetary alignment meditation occurring right now— The Harmonic Convergence 2020, July 5th-14th, a global meditative experiment using the power of the Mind to imprint and impose a more positive shift inContinue reading “The Harmonic Convergence 2020 Experiment”

Fasting, Herbs 🌿 and SeaVeggie Cravings

It’s July 4th and I’m fasting during this very eventful time in history! Perhaps it’s all the planetary alignments happening right now! What have I been craving? Sea Veggies (seaweeds), and herbal teas like Burdock, Dandelion, Bladderwrack (with a little organic coconut milk for taste)! The body always knows what it needs — we justContinue reading “Fasting, Herbs 🌿 and SeaVeggie Cravings”

Covid-19 + BLM Lockdown Reading List

Just a quick post on a comment my professor made that stuck with me as he mentioned my reading this past course. It dawned on me that I had taken this “lockdown” time and Intro to Creative Writing course to include literature that started as supplemental reading for my course. As the Covid-19 events transformedContinue reading “Covid-19 + BLM Lockdown Reading List”

Angels and Ancestors Oracle Deck

So excited, I received these new cards earlier this week and wanted to share a few images. Angles and Ancestor Oracle Deck (which I keep calling the Angels and Guardians deck) is a 55-card deck, with a beautifully written Guide book by Kyle Gray and illustrated by Lily Moses. I am loving and bonding withContinue reading “Angels and Ancestors Oracle Deck”

Best Sea Moss Mango Drink

The Best Sea Moss drink I’ve made (or tasted) to date is a recipe I unconsciously through together one day!!! Irish moss also known as carrageen moss contain complex carrageenan structures within the cell walls containing sulfated polysaccharides and marine biomass such as citrulline–arginine known to encourage skin and cell health. This unique algae species Continue reading “Best Sea Moss Mango Drink”

Awakening through Mayhem + The Art of Mental Transmutation

We are witnessing an awakening in this world! Awakening of the mind, body and spirit amidst chaos and mayhem in American streets! But I watch and filter the news and propaganda with discernment — my fluorite gemstones close to my heart weeding through the storylines and flaming emotions burning through the American streets across this country.Continue reading “Awakening through Mayhem + The Art of Mental Transmutation”

Rest In Power Dr. Llaila Afrika

Dr. Llaila Afrika’s book Afrikan Holistic Health was one of the first books I purchased on my Self+Healing journey back in the early 90s. I was saddened and yet slowed to happiness to hear of this great healer passing today. It was during the hours I was told to study that I received the BlackmagicContinue reading “Rest In Power Dr. Llaila Afrika”

Working through Chakras through Indian Winter

Indian winter  Indian winter is a play on the term Indian summer. It’s been anything but winter here. Rainy, gloomy, and cold, but hardly a freezing, snowing winter. And the pre-spring weather has been delightful. Not Miami or Texas pre-spring but neither freezing cold nor scalding hot. Although, I must share openly, I love theContinue reading “Working through Chakras through Indian Winter”