a female deity.
“a temple to Athena Nike, goddess of victory”
  • a woman who is adored, especially for her beauty.
    “he had an affair with a screen goddess”

(source: Wikipedia)

The Goddess as Above



Shiva (God) and Shakit (Goddess)
Shiva (God) and Shakit (Goddess)

A Goddess is – the perfect counterpart to God, the Divine Feminine mirror image, the complimentary polarity, the divine “other self.” Our patriarchal world has been absent of the Goddess, she has been missing, desecrated, annihilated, and written off the pages of  history and most religious doctrine. She is, however, the womb of our every (very) existence, without her heavenly space, we could not exist. Without her divine womb, we would not be born. We are born inside of her and of her, she carries and supports our development, she gives tirelessly to nurture (nature). She feeds us and our growth. We are sustained by her kindness and we are taught our lessons when we cease to remember her and the essence of our selves.  Yes! — she is all that Nature is, all that the Universe is, all that we have been and are becoming. We ascend together in perfect harmonic frequency. As we realize we are one.

“There have been systems of religion where the mother is the prime parent, the source… We talk of Mother Earth. And in Egypt you have the Mother of the Heavens, the Goddess Nut, who is represented as the whole heavenly sphere”
Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth

As infinite Souls in our human bodies we connect and identify with the Goddess in her many faces and forms. She is beyond limitation, beyond the confines for religion and dogma, she is free to be whomever and whatever she wills into existence. Goddess is creatrix, nurturer, warrioress, giver, destroyer, preserver, lover, birthing mother, sister, queen, royal wife, the throne, cosmic center, divine feminine, sacred transformer and divine sacred consort (yin) to her polarity the divine masculine (yang). We are all Sacred and in our God+dess form, we are fully realized activating all that we were born to be (goddess) in this lifetime, and in this sacred now. We are the Goddess.

Living as Goddess – Reclaiming Your Power!

meditation-page-picLiving as the Goddess is a way or path of a lover and warrior. It is an act of both self awareness and self love in the midst of awakening to the deeper aspects of the inner self in the outer world. Living as Goddess is an act of defiance for the once patriarchal  shackles of religious dogma through intentional transcendence of deep cultural reference for God as the Supreme Mother-Father Creator-Creatrix. It is an inner call to live a life of magick and synchronicity; a life full of purpose and meaning.

Living your life as Goddess on the Goddess Path is a way of knowing Self and the ‘Other’ – humans, mankind, Nature, Gods, deities, the natural world, animal and plant kingdoms, super natural phenomena, etc. as aspects of the Self interwoven in the mysteries of the Earth and Cosmos.

Being Called a Goddess


Today being called a Goddess is a term of endearment but also a level of spiritual maturity. A woman no matter what age who comes into a level of ‘knowing‘ of her divinity and sacredness is often called a goddess by her peers or by conscious men and women. It is usually reserved for those who have done self study in the occult arts, the healing arts, metaphysical studies, spiritual systems, and reached some levels of self mastery. It is also used as a mantra to help awaken and reprogram the subconscious mind into remembering it’s not so distant past of divinity, sacredness, and limitlessness.

A goddess may study or observe several spiritual paths or schools of thought, practice and be an adept or priestess of such disciplines or spiritual systems. A goddess may be either spectrum of the good or bad rule and even think or act outside the ‘norm’ or box within society. A goddess can and often is a trailblazer, alchemist, witch, priestess, practitioner, healer, shaman, creatrix, artist, builder, negotiator, ‘queen’, empress, and more. Above all else she is a woman who is self-proclaimed and self-realized within her own heart, mind, body, spirit, and soul!



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