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locs+love | indigenous natural hair care

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 a little bit about ria

i seem to have a way with palm rolling locs and twisting natural hair. I love the way twists and locs feel – wild and natural or freshly twisted with herbs and organic oils.

Natural Self Goddess Ria, Feb 2019 ❤ (just finished my retwists)

twisting is an ancient hair technique that comes easy (part of our dna and codes) from the tombs of egypt and temples of the olmec americas, the ancient tribal islands of the caribbean to naga india and buddha bantu knots, our natural hair is everywhere in every expression, texture, kink, and curl and i love our natural state of being…

maintaining and treating natural hair with organic indigenous herbs, seeds, flowers, roots, and fruits and oils …

our global indigenous hair 

Indigenous Tribal Hair (Africa): Ancient Egyptians (left) and Afar (Danakil, Adali and Odali people) Ethiopian Cushite from the Afar region (right)
Indigenous Tribal Hair (Central America): Temple murals at Bonampak (Ak’e) at Chiapas, Mexico bordering Guatemala

our hair is global and is more about natural identity then in any way political. our hair connects us to our ancestors, the cosmos, and natural elements. nappy, kinky, curly, s-patterns are linked to sacred geometrical energy and act as communication antenna and a layer of our melanin healing system. in tribal societies closer to nature and customs hair is part of ritual and celebration and part of the sacred.


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