I AM Affirmations are powerful tools to re-program the subconscious mind.  They can be used for a variety of tasks and levels of transformation.  I am creates a direct link to form. You have the power to create and recreate, destroy, or maintain your relationship to Self, matter, and various forms of energy.

Words that Incite Forgiveness, Compassion, and Love! 

Mantras have long been used to reshape reality and create change. Known as “sacred sound or utterances” these syllable word groups are believed to bring forth spiritual and mental powers. Mantras can induce altered states of consciousness, trance, and reprogram the subconscious mind. The use of  “power words” in your spiritual practice and meditations empowers your heart and chakra centers, aligns and attunes higher frequencies to your sense of self, grounds and uplifts your spirit, and sets forth positive affirmations of change and dynamic transformation on a soul-level in the universe. Your words are vibrations that create change and take form into solid matter, experience, and outcomes.

I am, by calling, a dealer in words;
and words are, of course,
the most powerful drug used by mankind.’

— Rudyard Kipling



Be creative with your mantras

Create your own mantras by using the elemental chart and drawing from your intuition. Which areas of your life do you need to address, bring greater balance, strengthen or heal? Below are solar plexus mantras you can use in your practice or rituals.

I am courage, I am enough, I am willpower, I am divine, I am strong, I am confident, I am creative, I am in divine alignment with the abundant flow of the universe, I am empowered and I empower others, I am discipline, I am goddess.  I stand in my power.



These words of power can be recorded on your phone and played during sleep, or driving, upon waking after meditation or prior to yoga, during a Goddess Bath or in the shower, or sprinkled throughout your day.





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