Quick LoVe Meditation

Asian Woman Meditating At BeachClose your eyes, smile from ear to ear,  take deep breathes while smiling, and feel love enter your chest (heart center) allow this energy to expand through your smiling cheeks, your head, down your throat into your Heart, smile upon your internal organs and chakra energy centers, feel and see this immense expanding light increase in size, allow this energy to absorb your navel (solar chakra), smile and breathe into this center allowing the light to radiate its healing love frequency, see this light expanded from above your head flowing down on all sides of your body and aura let this light frequency vibrate into your sacral (reproductive) chakra, smile unconditional love in this region as if cleansing this energy center with pure healing love and radiance see this energy swirling and spiraling expanding your aura from your crown flush and renew your legs to your base chakra to the soles of your feet to the tips of your toes allow this swirling light to touch and rejuvenate each cell smile upon them with gratitude and cosmic love now see your toes as the earth push this light back up to the crown to the cosmos in pure allow this energy to flow and resonate through you like a wave combining all the colors of the cosmic rainbow release into the heavens.

Continue Smiling; With your eyes still closed and this energy covering all of your being.

Spontaneously list 5 things you are Grateful for Today (you can list as many as you can until you run out)

Take a deep breath, exhale, open your eyes.
InJoy your beautiful, magical abundant day!

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