Confessions of an Indigenous Goddess

I spent nearly 20 years running from my Spiritual Healing path… 

A healing mind with action 

First let me say I’ve been healing myself and family since I was awakened to do so in high school back in the late 80s. I’ve maintained a balance of healing throughout my life. I even have a handful or so people who have thanked me for touching, teaching, healing, assisting, inspiring their lives on some level through my own example (teaching). But there is a much deeper level that I have not shared with many people. This is the hidden parts of myself. Some parts of self that I shared for a small time on Facebook that takes healing to a much deeper level. 

Subconscious Healing 

On the surface, there are herbs to take, food recipes to share, facts and wisdom that are both books learned and researched. Some traditions I’ve experienced have been communal and shared among tribes in my community. The much deeper level, however, originates from spirit, from the soul and deep subconscious wisdom one taps into from outer worldly resources. These are also gifts that culminate with knowledge and wisdom. It is befitting during this Gemini time amid great awakening and change on this planet to share and even expose the hidden, shadowy parts of myself. As we are claiming and reclaiming Self, I too, reclaim all of myself back into alignment and into the brightness of this ancient new sun. 

Why the name Indigenous Goddess 


There are reasons why I call myself “Indigenous Goddess.” On a much deeper level the name is a symbol of ancestors and lineage who were annihilated and destroyed. Those who were nearly forgotten but kept alive in my bones in this incarnation. It is my duty to bring light, voice and healing to their names. All the knowing and memory that I coined the “old ways” “the ancient ways” so for all the women in my lineage who were voiceless and suffered horrendous atrocities forced to give up names, rituals, family members, identities, walked across lands, crossed waters, sold, and relabeled. I realize we all have our debts to pay, our cycles to live, our lessons to learn and triumph, but no matter— as a sovereign being you must claim who and what you are, stand tall, and live with purpose. 

Early years — psychic gifts 

The first 10 years of my life I literally “trained” myself through psychic exercises, I remembered from past lives so well that I would ask my sister Genaya to ask me anything, go into a mini trance like void space and tell her things that would happen the next day in her classroom. My mother would always ask me if I dreamed, what it was, and what I thought. I remember her face with clarity so serious and respectful accepting every word coming out of my adolescent mouth. Somehow, I knew how to pierce through the veils and see with my senses; eyes, third 👁 eye, smell, skin, and heightened intuition.    

Lineage of Seers and Shamanistic Gifts 

Many of the women in my family, young and old, shared the gift of seeing “spirits.” Cousins from Guadeloupe 🇬🇵, my mother, nieces, probably grandmothers and aunts long buried and forgotten. Black confederate soldiers, Indigenous chiefs, Victorian women, Ancestors, for me, I’d also see déités and mythological gods. Always with messages or teachings, warnings, or asking for help if souls had been trapped between planes on Earth and in need of safe passage. Often, I would be told the history of that land I slept on like a scene in a movie. If there was a home constructed on property that had some tragic historical event, the dead would show up in the house needing some resolve. In those days, I might view a spirit while my mother and niece would also see the same spirit at other times and rooms. 

In one conversation, sharing a dream I had visiting Arizona, my aunt interrupted saying, “that sounds like something from Carlos Castaneda books!” My experience in Arizona, prior to visiting and returning, had been so mystical I would have not believed it had I not seen the exact same music 🎶 store I had witnessed in my dream and a bus driver smirking “Oh I see you had a vision quest.” Leaving me further shocked, validated and confused with reality.

Forced Assimilation and Rejection of Shamanism 

Still then, my gifts seemed odd and conflicting during decades where such supernatural experiences were ridiculed and hushed. Gifts such as these had been practically erased from our genealogical lineage through painful and desperate assimilation of religion, Catholicism, Christianity, Jehovah’s Witness ideology, let alone, academic and scholastic indoctrination heavily influenced by European psychology and white supremacy. These anti-indigenous views resulted not only in my own personal crisis, but often conflicts in my familial relationships.  If I said I remembered past lives and could “travel” —both Earth through portals and contact outerworldly planetary beings, or “that I was from Spdet because we are stars having a human experience”  I’d get a “what’s wrong with your daughter” comment or “you’re a weird bitch” from my sister. 

The more authentic I was to my Highest Self, the greater the wedge between family grew. It was a heartbreaking paradox. And so, I conformed until I went into utter silence. I cannot place ANY blame, however, on family, because I was so afraid of these gifts, my own power, and their responsibilities that I chose silence as an excuse rather than walking fully in my inheritance on this planet. 

It is through many years in this painful duality that today I fully admit: My purpose here is healer, is helper, is teacher because my Soul (Sol☀️) is “that old” and I come from women who carry these gifts of knowing in their wombs.  

Embarking on Eldership – Auset Wisdom 

At this age, embarking myself, on eldership, at the crone stage, at the Auset stage, and seeing this great shift where others are awakening I can no longer stand by  and pretend to assimilate to a dying dream that was paradoxically illusory (and rotten) from its conception; it’s closer to insanity than the latter. 😀

Conflicts with Recognizing Shamanism 

For some reason, Shamanism was something Blacks just did not talk about or recognize even in most sisterhood communities. I remember being in Queen Afua’s Sacred Women course in 2000 and one exercise from her book 📖was to envision a picture of a hieroglyph. I went into full on dance twirling my body to a drum in my head where I was transported inside a temple. In class, I remember saying how the Earth was my teacher and the animals having sacred messages. Not a single word of shamanism was EVER uttered. 

Identity Shared Among Other Tribal Native Americans 

The only recognizable moment I received was from a Cherokee woman who stated strongly that “we were relatives!” Ironically the sister I had driven with had family records of being from Oklahoma tribes, yet I don’t recall the same kind of greeting that I received that day. I had entered her sweat lodge by first hugging 🤗 what felt to me to be a “giant crystal” literally a mountain she had built her home on. Even then when she called me a relative, saying she knew me, and hugging me I couldn’t fully understand or recognize all she was revealing. I was taught that I was African in school, by Marcus Garvey, Black leaders, and absolutely through repetitive American academic and legal institutional policy. Yet, consciously, I was African, while subconsciously and spiritually, I was following the ways of my indigenous ancestors whom I didn’t even know! Not one family member had spoken of ANY indigenous lineage accept on my mother’s fathers Guadeloupe side. Through early deaths of my grandma and family estrangement these oral histories were lost, forgotten and buried. It wasn’t until I had a dream of an ancestor on my father’s mothers’ side on American soil that showed me that these Autochthonic aboriginal indigenous tribes of people existed long before the later Native Americans crossed the Bering Straits. The vision showed me prior to me researching any YouTube channel or discovering books that would show and prove this vision was fact. 

In another instance, the opening of the Native American Museum in Washington, DC, where many tribes from around the world commenced was one of the most power-filled sacred experiences. Native Americans and Autochthonic Indigenous Americans from North, South and Central America came together on the lawns, dancing, visioning, praying and claiming. These tribes showed up in every color from dark Ethiopian jet black, to various shades of copper colored, to near white, decked in feathers, and paint from their regions. I remember an elder Blackfoot coming to me speaking in Algonquin language. He had a cowboy hat with a bushy afro and spoke to me like a wise elder would speak to his kin. What struck me most during this event was that every so-called race melted into oneness. Everyone acknowledged the other. In that vortex, for that moment the land under our feet felt like ‘home.’ 

Being Called Out, Questioning Black Identity 


It was the same “shock” I had while living in New York in the mid – late 90s.  I had visited a Rasta store carrying my Kupigani Ngumi book when the Rasta elder asked “why” I had the book in the first place. The questioned statement left me momentarily speechless. For in my eyes, I had ALWAYS been African, always “Black” — wearing Bantu-knots, carrying Ankh’s, wearing headwraps, and kente fabrique. But this brother looked me in my eyes and said, “You’re Native American not African!” It felt like a blow, a dagger of betrayal. Perhaps he saw my Spirit, an Ancestor, lineage of generations forgotten that at that time I was not well-read enough to see! 

I looked at my Peruvian llama poncho, the tree printed african fabrique, and red and white checked shirt as “African” garb back then. I didn’t fully understand “why” I felt so kinnected to the indigenous Americans AND African culture. In my mind I was both without question!! My collage artwork showed 2 continents of land and water, of the Indigenous of the Americas and the East African tribal clans wearing both Feathers🦅 and Leopards 🐆 and carrying the drum. Still then in the late 90s, there were no Dane Calloway’s, no Kurimeo Ahau, or Dr Alim Bey and there was no YouTube “university” or Elders who would teach me about my heritage, shamanism or unique gifts. But then shamanism is that way— you are often taught through dreams, through visions, through connections with animal spirits, elemental beings and “gods”. 

Acceptance and Surrender 

Perhaps, today I can fully open myself to accept and learn the power and potentiality of these gifts and help others! 💜☀️ to fully face my fears as the real mental illness albeit illusory in its very nature in hopes of completing this hero’s journey of greater realization. Being my Highest Self and living My Truth are acts of rebellious revolutionary love❤️ I am ready to tread even if that means I am alone 😉.  Friday, June 2020 (2012). 

In Love and Fortitude, 


Best Sea Moss Mango Drink

The Best Sea Moss drink I’ve made (or tasted) to date is a recipe I unconsciously through together one day!!!

Irish moss also known as carrageen moss contain complex carrageenan structures within the cell walls containing sulfated polysaccharides and marine biomass such as citrulline–arginine known to encourage skin and cell health. This unique algae species  physiology increases human collagen and proteins improving overall skin regeneration and anti-aging properties. Chondrus Crispis contains the highest source of carrageenan and thickening-stabilizing, gelatin agents known in culinary arts and recipes around the world. In the Caribbean Irish Moss is a popular drink which has risen to immense popularity upon Dr Sebi’s recent passing. 

According to the late great Dr. Sebi, Chondrus Crispis is one of the most important nutrients for melanin dominant humans. Sea moss drinks and Sea moss Teas are used as bio-mineral tonics to cleanse, detox, stabilize, alkalize, tonify, and strengthen cellular and molecular health and wellbeing. 

Due to Chondrus Crispis unique chemistry and mineral content it is a pH alkalizer promoting blood health rich with 92 minerals and trace elements. Powerful source of vegan (vegetarian) iron and a non-dairy source of calcium strengthening thyroid and hormonal health, and anti-inflammation.  Its noted as being demulcent, mucilaginous used as remedies for coughs, bronchitis, tuberculosis and intestinal issues. 


Daria’s Mango Irish Moss drink recipe

Irish Sea Moss 


Raw Honey 🍯 

Organic Mango 🥭 

Coconut Milk


**Please note I will update this post to include exact quantities to this recipe. When I created this drink it was spontaneous without measurements. (smile)

Quick Irish Moss Healing Benefits and Facts:

Chondrus crispus—commonly called Irish moss or carrageen moss —is a species of red algae which grows abundantly along the rocky parts of the Atlantic coast of Europe and North America. Wikipedia

Iron: 8.9 mg (per 100 g)

Protein: 1.51 g (per 100 g)

Energy: 49 Calories (per 100 g)

Zinc: 1.95 mg (per 100 g)

Scientific name: Chondrus crispus

Why Irish Moss is an amazing Superfood!

Vitamins and Minerals

  • Iodine — Thyroid Glandular Health 
  • Sulfur
  • Phosphorus
  • Magnesium
  • Beta carotene 
  • Iodine
  • Selenium
  • Zinc
  • Protein
  • Pectin
  • Trace Minerals
  • Vanadium
  • Micronutrients
  • Iron
  • Folate
  • Calcium
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B2, B3, B5, B6, B9
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin K
  • Fiber

Nutrition Facts

  • Alkalizer and Blood Health
  • 92 minerals and trace elements
    Powerful Source of Iron and a Non-dairy Source of Calcium 
  • Thyroid Health (Triiodothyronine (T3) and Thyroxine (T4) Hormones)
  • Hair, Skin & Nails
  • Anemia & Blood Health 
  • Diabets prevention 
  • Bone and Joint Support
  • Reduces Inflammation 
  • Lowers Cholesterol and Blood Pressure 
  • Nervous System
  • Regulates Menstrual System 
  • Sleep and Melatonin 
  • Strengthens Reproductive Organs
  • Increase Metabolism & Burns Calories
  • WeightLoss and Metabolism
  • Aids Digestion
  • Improves Cellular Function & Oxygen 
  • AntiViral, AntiCancer, Anti Herpes — polysaccharides or glycoprotein

Awakening through Mayhem + The Art of Mental Transmutation

We are witnessing an awakening in this world! Awakening of the mind, body and spirit amidst chaos and mayhem in American streets! But I watch and filter the news and propaganda with discernment — my fluorite gemstones close to my heart weeding through the storylines and flaming emotions burning through the American streets across this country. Even Europe has chimed in on the frequency of this Aquarian new age.  

This Golden Age, some say, the stars say, is returning and we are all born for these days ahead no matter how tough, frightening, or confusing—we were born for this! We are all witnessing a great shift and change in this world we coined the matrix. We are awakening to not only question as we see these events occur and play out on the world stage but reclaim ourselves at our most fundamental level. It is a time the ancient Mayans and First Indigenous Americans have coined the end of the world, the fifth world, and the apocalypse ( which translated in Old English and Greek mean “to uncover” “reveal” (Wikipedia) “destroys the ruling powers of evil and raises the righteous to life” (Merriam-Webster).

Marshall Law Curfew text to residents in Portland, Oregon. May 31, 2020.

Phase 2—from Covid-19 Lockdown to War against Americans?

The celestial alignments, conjunctions, retrogrades and harmonics have all opened to this new frequency. EVERYBODY not just the black populous is fighting this war on injustice. The latest George Floyd-Police Brutality drama caught on video is, yet another viral high-strung emotional reminder of the generational traumatic psychological-physical brutality program America has waged on its so-called black citizens.  The George Floyd Police Brutality program once again shed light on one of America’s schisms, its dehumanizing social problem; the deep-rooted systematic injustice black and copper-colored Americans have endured since 1492. But this is not a history lesson, I won’t speak of the Papal Bull of Pope Alexander VI in 1493 that has been written into Americas legal framework.

I am speaking on the reaction and energy our young children, the Millennials and GenZs, are demonstrating across this globe. There is an energy that is indeed rising from underground (or cosmically) permeating throughout this planet that we are all witnessing taking many forms. As fires, revolts, peaceful protests, antagonizing riots, and “Black Lives Matter” campaigns heralded on gentrified lawns and picket protest signs. Even businesses like Amazon, Chipotle, Netflix, PS4’s Call of Duty, countries like Paris, Italy, Berlin, London, Australia, and more this catalyst has become a worldwide phenomenon for change.

Black Lives Matter ads popping up all over parks, home lawns, company ads like Amazon, PS4 Call of Duty, Washington, DC street signs, and streets in America. (Photos: Subject to Copyright — for Educational purposes only).

The Covid Wars — The Norm of Lockdown + Social Distancing

During this time, we call the mass 2020 awakening, Covid-19 ushered in fears throughout the planet. The propagation of fear; fear of death, fear of standing in proximity, fear of our fellow neighbors, fear of social distancing. That alone was traumatic! Watching the news and seeing countries decimated by their populous plagued by this “Corona” virus. Even the name Corona seemed to originate with an eerie secret mysticism as it was discovered during the early months of this pandemic by the media to be the name derived from the Italian patron saint of pandemic, St. Corona named by the Roman Catholic Church. 

FaceBook Black Lives Matter and George Floyd Police Murder Protests.
(Photo: Subject to Copyright — for Educational purposes only).

Fear of lockdown, fear of government? The layers peel back from the stories unfolding in the news media. We were bombarded with New York Governor Cuomo, Fauci, and Gates. Their obsessive move to vaccinate all Americans as the saving grace to this uncommon mysterious 2020 plague. The Spanish plague, the 1918 H1N1 flu virus pandemic which seemed to mimic and mirror Covid-19 historically was revisited as a teaching medical phenomenon. We were witnessing a myriad of cycles and events that were coming back around to the planet.  Witnessing holes in the news, holes in medical facts and stories and questioning their validity and agendas. 

April 2020 Anti-Covid 19 Lockdown Protests in America.
(Photos: Subject to Copyright — for Educational purposes only).

Ironically, YouTube helped expose an eclectic mix of hidden agendas, allowing its American consumers privy to world governments, political leaders and conglomerate corporations during their censorship efforts. Questioning these “agendas,” we researched Bill Gates Eugenics lineage, ID 2020, The Fall of Cabal YouTube video, the Clintons, Yellow Journalism, Operation Paperclip, Epstein, Weinstein, George Soros, Pizzagate, Operation Mockingbird, and more:

  • We learned that Soros owned and funded the Antifa organization linked with the Black Lives Matter organization through infiltration. 
  • We witnessed local and national peaceful rallies turn into violent revolts of looting and fires set to streets and police cars in dozens of towns. 
  • Police officers were outed as instigators of some initial violations! We witnessed disenfranchised black, Latino and white Americans looting in the name of George Floyd and BLM. 
  • We discovered through camera confessions that Antifa secretly provoked protestors and police! And that undercover police threw bricks into downtown businesses! 

All the while, President Trump declaring Antifa (radical left-wing extremist group) an American terrorist organization. There were rumors from Twitter that we had witnessed a “secret internet blackout.” These events and allegations happening in real time on timelines so rapidly they seem to jerk and tear at the heartstring and emotions of the whole world. Everyone is watching! Everyone is acting!

Local and International Protest Demonstrations during the Covid-19 Lockdown, Stay-at-Home Executive Orders, Social Distancing Rules, George Floyd Police Murder.
(Photos: Subject to Copyright — for Educational purposes only).

Today, more Americans are weary of the validity and truth from news outlets, mainstream media, politicians, and government. When anti 5G researchers flooded YouTube, Google censored, demonized and demonetized YouTube channels. David Icke and others were not only demonetized, flagged and removed altogether! As an American writer, these events are cringeworthy and alarming. No matter if I agree with David Icke, Alex Jones, and others, being banned on America’s number one search engine is censorship and banning of First Amendment Rights. Many channels on YouTube had been flagged for using words like “Corona Virus, 5G, Vaccines,” etc., as 5G conspiracy theorists who quickly became the brunt of jokes even Charlamagne tha God on The Breakfast Club clowned. 

Amanda Janus, Olympia, Washington Anti-Covid-19 Lockdown Protest, April 2020. Youtube Video.

However, my own research showed there was indeed a connection! Botany scientists like KT the Arch Degree,researcher and metaphysician Dr. Alim Bey,  and others including the late great Dr. Llaila Afrika were not the crazy conspiracy theorists. These are just a few of the modern-day healers, shamans, scientists, and researchers dedicating their lives to heal and educate humanity even at the price of community ridicule. What was happening here? There seemed to be this dark insidious energy to silence free speech, free thought, and anti-government thought! America was slipping into a surreal Orwellian dystopian future and we were all actors of this great myopic stranger-than-fiction epic. 

Fires across the country, George Floyd’s Brother, GenZ Protests, Donald Trump Tweets for Military Intervention, Atlanta CNN Black Lives Matter Protests.
(Photos: Subject to Copyright — for Educational purposes only).

Why hadn’t I seen all these early April Covid-19 Anti 5G Pro Constitutional Rights protests on mainstream news outlets? Who were these “Anti Vaxxers” rallying around the country? Where was the news on the Anti Covid-19 Lockdown Movement in America that prompted gun toting Americans to storm state capitols across the country? Who was coining the “Boogaloo” related armed groups to protests against government and agents? What the fuck is going on in America? According to Idaho State Journal, “the largest standing army in the world are American Firearm Owners.” Sit with that for a moment, let is sink in — Really sink in!

2020 Boogaloo Movement in America Anti-Lockdown Protests (center), George Floyd Protests, (left), Boogaloo member with /k/ insignia on vest. (Photos for educational use only. May be subject to Copyright).

Who was coining the “Boogaloo” related armed groups to protest the American government and their agents? What the fuck is going on in America? Where these the same groups or divisions within white America? Interestingly to note, many black YouTubers were concerned with the “Boogaloo” movement stating they were part of the anti-black, nazi extremists’ groups we witnessed in Virginia—perhaps some are! Other sites in my research investigated this group and found a Facebook group called the Big Igloo Bois, of 30,637 followers, stating the following: 

“If there was ever a time for bois to stand in solidarity with ALL free men and women in this country, it is now.” They further stated, “This is not a race issue. For far too long we have allowed them to murder us in our homes, and in the streets. We need to stand with the people of Minneapolis. We need to support them in this protest against a system that allows police brutality to go unchecked.” 

There are so many layers and dimensions to the various groups, movements, and distrust of the American Government we must consider that every ideology and polarity exists in this country. According to Idaho State Journal“the largest standing army in the world are American Firearm Owners.” Sit with that for a moment, let this really sink in! 

Double Consciousness + The Art of Mental Transmutation

Emotions are running high in America! I have a soldier friend suffering from PTSD and triggered by the riots in American streets. This brother is torn between a psychosis of military allegiance and the right to fight for his beautiful brown children. No one should have to be put through this kind of schizophrenic dogma. In the late 90s at Bronx Community College, I wrote about DuBois’s “Double Consciousness” plaguing the mind of Negros in America.  Are we “Americans”? Are we “free citizens” Are we “slaves?”  Why were so called white American citizens able to walk into our states capitols fully armed with rifles, machine guns, and military gear while unarmed black youth, men, and women are shot and murdered with no penalty? 

George Floyd may have been the catalyst echoing out into the world for social change but not the only issue Americans have in America. George Floyd as a metaphor seen through the lens of the oppressed in America represents everything wrong in America.  At its very core there is slavery – and the capitalism, wealth by the means and tools of racism this unjust system has built its globalized empire.  Human trafficking is a worldwide problem most governments ignore—Why is that? What about organ harvesting, and children pedophilia rings?

On the other hand, and through another lens, if George Floyd is fake news mastered through puppeteers and elite agenda makers then we will most likely be heading to war on American soil fighting for freedom either way. Because Trump would continue to dismantle American government agencies and American freedoms we would be forced to fight for! When I started out to write this short article of commentary, I had not intended to illustrate long-winded prose, but there seems to be far too many questions in the form of leads, agendas, false flags, censorship, tyranny, fascism and their polarities far too important to ignore. Silence is acceptance.

The truth is we are forced to confront and reconcile with Americas polarized mental illness, its atrocities against humanity and the planet, and our willing participation through acceptance as the ‘norm,’ business as usual, and covert and in your face racist behaviors, ideologies, and institutions.  How can you restore your own sense of sovereignty amidst this mayhem playing out on the world stage? Reclaim yourself! For even a moment, sit back and reclaim your Mind! For at some point in this we are going to be forced to make life changing decisions about family, lineage, identity, rights, sovereignty and more.

  “Mind (as well as metals and elements) may be transmuted,
    from state to state; degree to degree; condition to condition;
    pole to pole; vibration to vibration. True Hermetic Transmutation
    is a Mental Art.”

—The Kybalion.

Transmutation is a form of alchemy. The word “Transmute” means “to change from one nature, form, or substance, into another; to transform” (Webster). The Kyballion states:

And accordingly, “Mental Transmutation” means the art of changing and transforming mental states, forms, and conditions, into others. So you may see that Mental Transmutation is the “Art of Mental Chemistry,” if you like the term–a form of practical Mystic Psychology. 

Created for Educational Purposes Only!

At its core we understand that all things are mental projects and thought forms. From this square or groundedness, we can better see, think, feel, operate and navigate in this world full of distractions, illusions, and dimensions. We only control our selves. It is the self (Self with a big letter) that makes all things real. The Self is the observer. In quantum theory, the Self as the observer “force electrons to behave like particles”, i.e., taking form from waves into things! I would add even ‘events’ need attention from the observer or in this case observers to create form. (The very occurrence happening in the media, on our phones, in the streets causing and affecting American and later global policy). 

How can we change our over reaching, over taxed, traumatized emotions and emotional bodies?

How to Transmute (Negative) Mental Energy

  1. Get Outside and Get Sun! Vitamin D3 is activated by the Sun which triggers other vitamins and minerals to come online and assist in immunity and body function. The sun is our ancient friend ready to heal, photosynthesize, and help maintain wellness of body, minds and spirit. 
  2. Drink lots of fresh high alkaline water! Add Lemons or Limes to your water! Drink water to flush out toxins and keep organs and skin clear. 
  3. Meditate! Keep your spiritual body in high vibration by meditating and breathing regularly. 
  4. Create and Speak Affirmations! Your body is 70-80% water. Water vibrates! 
  5. Get shots of Chlorophyl! Green drinks, green smoothies, alkalize that blood.
  6. Drink Sea moss! Get some Irish Sea moss, Bladderwrack, and eat other sea veggies to bring up iodine and immunity levels. 
  7. Practice Yoga, Qigong, Tai chi! These spiritual physical disciplines produce amazing results effecting not only physical health but emotional and mental health. They fortify and strengthen the auric field and one’s vitality. 
  8. Dance, Sing, and Laugh! Raises the vibration from lower levels to higher levels. A classic song with a good beat emanating positive energy is contagious just as smiles and laughter is healing to the spirit. 
  9. Bike, Jog, Play, Hike, Walk and walk some more! Movement is key and prevents the body (mind/spirit) from stagnation. 
  10. Mantras and Meditate some more! Mantras are words of power you can use as tools to strengthen your mind, body and spirit. Try them with meditation with sound healing, ancient Sanskrit or Kemetic chants, or words you create to deepen concentration and focus on your objective. The use of a mantra like Ram connects you to Mars (Sun and Ketu) energy which also aids the solar plexus chakra assisting making quick decisions, memory, gut feelings, and personal power. Gods of Mars are invoked for protection and to ward off enemies, evil influences and vanquish fear, financial debts and disease. Deep breathing techniques are key to controlling mental exhaustion, the nervous system optimal health, body functions and even depression. 
  11. Talk to People and Be Kind! Take your energy seriously and with responsibility. Talk to people even if they don’t respond the way you expected. Your efforts and kindness work in your favor. These acts further bring your grace and favor. Your heart center permeates your auric field and can produce amazing results not only for you but for others around you. Acts of random kindness with nothing to expect in return contain magical twofold healing and ripple effect into the universe. 
  12. Be and Feel Prepared! Don’t sit around and wait for the worst. Prepare yourself and family by creating a plan, store food, grow food, get legal fire arms, create networks and contingency plans in case of emergencies. 
  13. Create an Ancestor Altar! Do not fear death. Death is not the end only a cycle to be embraced, honored, respected, and more. Modern Americans lost this connection through forced religious practices and doctrines. Ancient Americans, and autochthonic and indigenous clans, however, hold their dead ancestors in highest esteem. We know we can use our family lineage to seek guidance, teachings, and greater understanding. Ancestor altars create a gateway of ethereal communication through dreams. We can feel more connected and grounded in our reality with this form of sacred communication. 
  14. Practice Rituals that Elevate Consciousness, Protection, and Peace of Mind! There are many rituals once can create and practice. Using the imagination is the source of conjuring images and symbols of protection, wellbeing and prosperity. The eye of Fatima is an ancient symbol used by women to invoke protection for self and family. Envision this symbol on your person, on windows, in or around your home. Call on Ancestors and guardians to protect yourself and family. You can use any image, deity, or symbol. For some this may be Jesus, protection pentagrams, sacred geometric shapes, deities (gods or goddesses), Archangels like Michael or St. Germain, elemental beings, or other thought-forms that help elevate and provide calm and resolution. 
  15. Pay Attention to Celestial and Cosmological events! Our ancient ancestors knew there is a direct connection between what happens on the planet Earth and astrological events. They recorded and kept years of predictions and astrological events. Pay attention and align your energy and intentions with these ancient celestial and terrestrial events. Use the power of words to create thoughtforms, healing vibrations, and divine guidance for your human journey. 

You are more powerful than you think! Don’t have to feel powerless or fearful during this time. 2020 has arrived as a bringer of change and transformation to dismantle a failing system and usher in a new age of awareness and consciousness. I stand with you towards this mental transmutation where there is freedom and justice for all of humanity. 

In Love and Solidarity, 

Daria Danielle 

Resources and Citation** (partial):

Antifa – leftist, anti-fascist political activist group. Individuals involved in the movement tend to hold anti-authoritarian [26] and anti-capitalist views,[27] subscribing to a range of left-wing ideologies such as anarchism, communism, Marxism, social democracy and socialism. (Wikipedia). 

Black Lives Matter movement – Black Lives Matter (BLM) is an international human rights movement, originating from within the African-American community, which campaigns against violence and systemic racism towards black people. BLM regularly holds protests speaking out against police brutality and police killings of black people, and broader issues such as racial profiling, and racial inequality in the United States criminal justice system.

Boogaloo movement – The boogaloo movement, members of which are often referred to as boogaloo boys or boogaloo bois, is a loosely organized American far-right extremist movement.

The groups are generally described as far-right or alt-right, although some groups have also been described as libertarian or anarchist. Members attend protests heavily armed and wearing tactical gear, and sometimes identify themselves by wearing Hawaiian shirts along with military fatigues. Members of the boogaloo movement often wear Hawaiian shirts along with military fatigues to identify themselves at protests, such as this 2020 VCDL Lobby Day gun rights demonstration in Richmond, Virginia.

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Rest In Power Dr. Llaila Afrika

Dr. Llaila Afrika’s book Afrikan Holistic Health was one of the first books I purchased on my Self+Healing journey back in the early 90s. I was saddened and yet slowed to happiness to hear of this great healer passing today. It was during the hours I was told to study that I received the Blackmagic YouTube notification and followed up with a Google search to find that indeed Dr. Afrika had passed today, Sunday, March 22, 2020 having lived 74 years on Earth.


During this Coronavirus “Global shut-in” and the TV propaganda explaining not only what it is but how its devastating selected cities around our globe I’ve been observing and studying.  I’ve been researching not only what the coronavirus is but how our bodies and the elements that activate this virus.

Dr. Llaila Afrika, wife Dr. Stevenson, and health advocate, rapper and vegan athlete educator Dead Prez

Healers and plant-lovers like KT the Arch Degree have done phenomenal work (study) and research on the relationship with 5G and how it activates the coronavirus internally on a cellular level with the destruction of cells causing  mycoplasma contamination and mycoplasma lung disease such as pneumonia (mycoplasma pneumoniae).  I had heard and researched many studies on 5G and its detriment to our health on a global level. In my own research it was quite simple to see the correlations between towns or cities with the rollout of 5G and the severe death tolls and cases of the Coronavirus.  

For instance, although Washington State is only separated by the Columbia River its death tolls and cases were grossly alarming compared to its neighbor Oregon! Yet earlier this month, I remembered reading that some IT activists were meeting up to prevent Oregon (Portland) from following in Seattles and Washington’s footsteps in being a Smart City which used facial recognition. At the time I thought it was odd but also mentioned to my son how significant this seemed. It wasn’t until more research showed that like China fully operating in 5G technology while variables of small amounts of sunlight (daytime sun exposure), and/or pollution smog blocking the sun and leaving little to no oxygen, Washington State may have seen more coronavirus cases and deaths due to these variables. Surprisingly many of the countries hit the hardest followed these same variables. (Great job KT!)


According to the late Dr. Afrika in his lecture “Melanin (We Are Different)” (watch on YouTube) he states we should be outside for at least 2 hours each day to soak in the sun and activate ‘melanin’ and our immunity (Vitamin D) and the pineal gland and other endocrine glandular functions.

In Portland people are responding to the Coronavirus by taking fresh air walks, exercising in parks (basketball, tennis, walking dogs, baseball, skateboarding, sitting alone and in groups on the spring grass) others are walking, running and jogging,  and getting sun anyway they can!

Portland Park March 2020 Covid-19 Lockdown

Yesterday on our way to the park for a lil sun gazing, “we” received disdain from a Caucasian neighborhood resident walking in the opposite direction. Minutes passed before I addressed her obvious look of disgust which caught my son off guard. The day before I had also received similar looks from much older baby boomers walking passed me. It wasn’t really him she revealed her disdain for but me and it triggered energy and emotions I had been wrestling with for sometime residing here in Portland.  It was part of a culmination of events which strongly supported the overt racism so prevalent in this part of the United States.  

It prompted a poetic response which my son said he felt throughout his bones. I refuse to be anything other than who I am authentically. If I wear my hair natural and it looks like tiny snakes of some foreign- Etruscan Medusa so be it. If my hair stands straight up into the ethers like I was struck by the hole of the galactic center; so be it. If my body is naturally shaped where my ass stands against gravity like a track runner; so be it (I am blessed). If I decide to wear Egyptian leggings that’s my business! If I want to wear Cleopatra and Auset (Goddess Isis) or Athena turquoise as adornment on my eyes- and my wrists like the Goddesses before me; so be it.

I carry some of the oldest DNA on this planet, women like me have been here for millions of years. Our prototype can not be erased not through gentrification or with the pen. We aren’t going anywhere! The whole experience had been exhausting yet activated a plethora of questions, frustrations, and ideas in my own psyche. That night I opened up another first books which I revisited to help identity some of core psychological diseases which plagued not only some of the Portland residents but many in our country, the psychology of racism.

Sadly, these are the consistent subtle and overt psychological maladies people of color endure in this country. It’s also ironic since many of the African Americans have lineage on this side of the continent as Indigenous Americans. The idea of living without color is but a dream we have yet to attain. It’s constant reminder permeates in all facets of our society and doctrine. This post was written originally March 22, 2020 and look at the world today protesting for justice and equality for the George Floyd Police Brutality Murder and so many others.

May we heal our Minds, Bodies and Spirits!

In Love and Empowerment!

Daria Danielle

Working through Chakras through Indian Winter

Indian winter 

Indian winter is a play on the term Indian summer. It’s been anything but winter here. Rainy, gloomy, and cold, but hardly a freezing, snowing winter. And the pre-spring weather has been delightful. Not Miami or Texas pre-spring but neither freezing cold nor scalding hot. Although, I must share openly, I love the heat– the extreme steam of coastal Savannah, the dry arid Arizona and Texas intense sun and east coast changes in seasons. Portland has been a bit of a shock to my system! I couldn’t have imagined the immense rainy months could have such an effect on my wellbeing. I had not taken into account my dependency and true love of the sun. Call me a Sun child– daughter of the sun, goddess of the sun. For anyone who feels as intense about the elements as I do location matters.  For travel and relocation of any state or continent first do your research and remember that genetics (DNA) does matter and predispose to specific necessities to maintain balance and wellness. If for instance, you reside in a rainy location and you are heavily menlinated than you must intentionally pick up exercise, even simple daily walks in nature, active and intentional sun exposure to interface with your melanin immunity and vitamin D – mineral – molecule cellular activation is vital. Herbs, supplements, minerals, raw vegan and vegetarian diet is also primary including high amounts of sea moss. They are tools to maintaining healthy, body, mind and spirit. (for starters)


It’s been sometime since I posted. Instead of writing what I’ve been in to, I created a short movie to one of my favorite songs. It was inspired by a walk in the park. While I was “breathing” in all the colors, sounds, and elements I had Autumn Leaves (Miles Davis) streaming to the back drop. It was the perfect movie and I decided to capture tiny frames and add my fall, winter and pre-spring moments. 🙂 Hope you enjoy the music. I for one L – O- V – E  jazz and must not have been a jazz musician in a past life (lol). I can see the God in so many of our genres of artistry. I am always amazed by the beauty and genius.


Working through chakras 

Was walking through the park this afternoon after an awful headache I couldn’t seem to shake. I woke up like this, in this kind of groggy fleeting pain. Up until last month, I didn’t believe in pain. And because I didn’t believe in pain, I rarely, if ever experienced it. It may seem like what I’m sharing is a paradox and it just might be but again this is earth. I conditioned my body to be flexible enough to have no back aches. If a lower back ache occurred near my kidneys I’d acknowledge my adrenals or kidneys and act accordingly. Prepare herbs to nourish the inner body and cell and and drink lots of fresh water. And thus any pain would quickly disappear. Because of my belief, I rarely (if ever) had menstrual cramps. I didn’t believe in them so they didn’t exist. Ironically, the women in my family suffered greatly from dis-eases like endometriosis, fibroids, painful periods, and other reproductive chakra-energy problems. My own realization is however that mind was over matter. I conditioned my mind and body to align so my reality fell in line to reflect my thoughts and beliefs. Of course, I also followed dietary investments to ensure the outcome I created. Truth be told I started vegetarian eating in high school.  It is amazing how powerful our mind is to our environment, body and spirit. We are much stronger than we care to know. But let me share with you the paradox.

Lately my body has been releasing pain and kinks. I started working on chakras and trauma. I started a yoga challenge. Through my yoga practice, in my chakra meditations, in my writing and journaling. Through the words I think and speak.  I’ve been purging sorta speak. The release of old memories most likely trapped in my body. Chakra work, like all other work, is full of extreme effort. It’s working with the energy in your body. Yoga helps to release stagnant, blocked, trapped energy. Yoga assists in bringing flow, Prana, life force, breath and balance back into energy centers or meridians. The effort is daily full of intention. Some not so easy. Some surprisingly simple. Sometimes the effort is as simple as sitting on the mat in child’s pose and breathing deeply. I been doing a lot of chakra work. Working on trauma. And because I am intuitively “sensitive” I even feel tapped into the channeling of trauma from generations, ie people in my family.  (powerful stuff, exhale)

And so by the time I got to the park the sun facing west, my headache had subsided and dissipated into the ethers. I was light as the wind.

Sun gazing and giving thanks. Breathing in the beauty of nature. It is a meditation in seeing, as well as, breathing.  The next day, I returned to the park sneakers on my feet playlist in my ears running. I ended my yoga challenge day contemplating the philosophy du jour— happiness. 

Happiness is _______________.  

Happiness is the feeling I get when I push through stick with and fucking FINISH ___________. 

Happiness is sitting on a big ass moss tree log and listening to old school rap. 

Happiness is the struggle of my stomach muscles pulling themselves back together after months of ignorance (ignoring) lol. 

Happiness is finishing my yoga journal. 

Happiness is completing a yoga session and/or running. 

Happiness is being who I am. Authentically. Unapologetically.

Sea Moss (chondrus crispus), Vegan Mediterranean Oatmeal, and DIY Sage+Feathered bundle (pictured above)

Then from my journal I “unplugged” and I began the physical aspect of this ancient science practicing core strength yoga. 

I failed and failed and failed over again quite beautifully building my abs. Flexing and smoothing out the kinks. Releasing parts of my back into (royal) cobra. Hugging myself and melting into savasana (receiving all there is). 

Truth be told, I’d rather be studying the Kama Sutra. But for now I am exactly where I need to be. Conditioning the Mind and Body back to wellness.

In Healing, Wellness, and Empowerment, 


Fenugreek Seed Tea, Herbal Healing Benefits & Magical Uses

Fenugreek Seed has always been one of my favorite, go-to herbs, here’s why! First, here’s an easy, quick, and delicious homemade Fenugreek Coco Tea I whipped up last week. I did a bit of research and found amazing benefits of Fenugreek both for the physical body and spiritual (magical) uses. Fenugreek Seed has an enormous benefit to the body for both men and woman alike; its one of those herbs you should know about and use regularly as a spice, in curries, teas, tonics, even washes as its been used for thousands of years by many global cultures through antiquity.

In Love, Abundance, and Empowerment, Ria! 


heading tags_homemade_tea_

Ria’s Tasty Homemade Coco Fenugreek Tea 

Fenugreek seeds (1 tablespoon)

Ginger (raw root) – (2 tablespoons or 2 inches of raw root ) 

Ground Turmeric – dash added
Ground Cinnamon – dash added
(Ground Nutmeg – dash added)* alternative flavor/spice

Coconut Milk (organic from can or homemade blended and strained) 

Raw Sugar or Raw Honey as sweetener 



Boil together organic Fenugreek Seeds and Raw Organic Ginger Root in pot of 1 cup water high to medium heat for 5-7 minutes. Steep 15 minutes to strengthen and absorb flavor of tea potency. Strain or poor liquid in cup can add a few seeds and raw ginger root to cup. 

Add ground Turmeric powder and organic Cinnamon to cup and stir. Add sweetener of choice such as Raw Sugar or Raw Honey. Enjoy! 

heading tags_wellness_

Fenugreek Wellness

There’s always some herbs lying around the house and in my case I reached for fenugreek! Iv’e always loved fenugreek seeds and have kept them as a staple herb in my cupboards for decades. I have no idea why I love this herb so much, yet instinctively  prepared a tea when my body most needed its healing benefits. It’s an ancient herbal remedy with potent healing properties that are both for men and women as a restorative tonic to increase so many health and reproductive benefits; including feminine wellness (breastmilk and cup size, curvaceous body type, increased appetite that stabilizes to maintain body fat, reduce menstrual cramps, aid reproductive health) for men it increases testosterone levels, libido and overall hormonal health. It’s great as an eyewash for pink eye or conjunctivitis (inflamed eyes) used with more well-known eye herbs such as Fennel, Chamomile,  Eyebright (clary sage), Aloe Vera. Fenugreek is also great for the lymphatic system, blood cleanser, warming stimulant, aphrodisiac, carminative, mucilage, emollient, demulcent and so much more! 


For skin care, it’s great for boils, wounds, tumors, abscesses, and ulcers. For respiratory health its potent for soothing coughs, mucous, and lung ailments such as bronchitis, fevers, flus, colds, sinus infections, phlegm, inflammatory conditions and infections, even herpes. It’s a strong digestive aid for gastrointestinal and stomach ailments. Improves sex hormones, endocrine glandular health, immune health, circulatory system health, nerves, and sensory organs. Not to leave out the skeletal and muscle joint body parts and physiology. 

As a caution (precautions), however, pregnant women should use with caution or abstain from use or use under medical supervision. Also those with nut or chickpea allergies use with caution. Diabetics should use with caution and seek medical supervision to control blood sugar levels. 

Otherwise, Fenugreek is truly an ancient healing herb for both spices and culinary goodness while providing enormous healing and nutritive benefits for the body, mind, and spirit. 

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Fenugreek Seed Healing Benefits 

Materica Medica

Latin nameTrigonella foenum-graecum

Other Names: Bird’s Foot, Bockshornklee, Greek Hay Seed

Family: Fabaceae family

Parts used: seed

Actions: nutritive, phytoestrogenic, restorative, stimulant, anti-inflammatory, aphrodisiac, emmenagogue

Description: The small seeds are a yellowish brown color and bitter to taste when crushed seed. Also maple-like flavor.

Taste/smell: Mucilaginous, bitter, maple-like taste.




Nutritional Facts 

(For 100 g or 3.5 oz)

Energy  323 kcal (kilocalories) 

Carbs 58 g

Fiber 25 g

Fat 6.4 g

Protein 23 g

Calcium 176 mg
Iron 34 mg

Magnesium 191 mg

Manganese 1.23 mg

Phosphorus 296 mg 

Potassium 770 mg 

Sodium 67 mg 

Zinc 2.5 mg 

Vitamin C 3 mg 

Vitamin B6 0.6 mg 

Vitamin B3 – Niacin 1.64mg

Vitamin B1 – Thiamine .322mg 

Vitamin B2 – Riboflavin .366 mg 

Vitamin B9 – Folate 57 μg (microgram)

heading tags_use_

Quick Look Healing Use

It is used in gastrointestinal inflammation, coughs, colic, diarrhea in infants, cholesterol level reduction, diabetes and as an eye wash for inflamed eyes. Externally, it can be used as a poultice for inflamed, irritated skin conditions. 

Preparation and Dosage:

Dosage: Freshly powdered herb: 1/2 -1 teaspoon per cup of cold water, let sit for a few hours and drink; decoction: 1 teaspoon per cup of water; or 1:3 dry liquid extract: 10-50 drops 1-4 times per day.

Made into a tonic

Applied topically: crush seeds and use as a poultice.

Traditional Medicinal Use

IMG_9659_Fenugreek_GingerTeaBreastfeeding mothers, promotes milk flow and production, makes women curvaceous, may add weight gain than stabilize, increases appetite, helps diabetes symptoms (reduce blood sugar levels).

Additional Healing Benefits

  • Increases mens testosterone levels and libido
  • Reduction of Fat but increase in appetite
  • Anti Inflammatory
  • Cholesterol levels 
  • Diabetes & Blood Sugar levels symptoms 
  • Reduce muscle pain and fever 
  • Improves Liver and Kidney health 
  • Reduces Menstrual cramping 

Topical Use:

  • For eczema and skin ailments


  • May induce allergic reactions for some with nut or chick pea allergies.
  • May be unsafe for pregnant women use under supervision and care as the herb may affect uterine contractions. 

Culinary Use

Well-known global use in India, East African, Middle East, China, Turkish, Ancient and Modern Jewish cuisine; pickles, curry powders, pastes, sauces, stews, chutneys, breads, spice rubs, sweets, recipes. 

heading tags_global_facts_

Global Facts about Fenugreek

Bronze Age: In now Middle East including Iraq, modern day  Israel, Egypt and ancient Romans. 

Egypt: Egyptians used Fenugreek as a potent herbal healing remedy for childbirth, uterine health, fight infections, wound healing, and embalming rites for the Dead (Ancestral Realm). Found in Tutankhamen’s tomb and Papyrus Ebers (Luxor, Egypt).  

Mediterranean: Greek and Roman use. Greek Hippocratic medicinal uses and remedy. 

Middle East: Iraq (Tell Halal) used as spice and herbal healing. 

China: The Chinese to date use fenugreek in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for Kidney health, Reproductive health and Liver health.


Fenugreek, Wikipedia. Retrieved from:

Sharol Tilgner, N.D. Retrieved from:



heading tags_Magical_Uses_

Magical Uses of Fenugreek 

As passionate researcher, I was shocked to find that Fenugreek is also used for its magical occult properties! As you may already know and have learned through your own studies and research, ancient cultures healed not only the physical body but the spiritual body using all of Earth’s and cosmic plentiful resources. We are so abundant with these many gifts and healing remedies.

fenugreek_magick_nsgMagic is an ancient science that was turned into fragmented labels including pseudo and evil by religious doctrine and secret societies. However, I’ve personally learned that not only did the Egyptians, Sumerians, Mayans, and other ancient earth cultures and tribal nations use magic but they recognized individual and communal power using higher senses and sacred communication with Nature and the Higher Self. 

Wealth Abundance Prosperity Herb 

House Money – psychic protection, health, happiness, grounding, increase and growth, bust size and bank size! 


Planet: Mercury
Gender: Masculine
Element: Air
Type: Plant
Deity: Apollo
Ruler: Moon
Tarot: The Magician (Alchemy)
Magical forms: Seeds, Powder, Wash


Sprinkle Seeds in home at doorways, corners, thresholds to increase business, abundance, profit, opportunities

Make a wash for bath and floors including kitchen

Wash for intentions and psychic protection or evil eye

Fenugreek can be burned like incense (ground Allspice, Patchouli, and Dragon’s Blood on a charcoal in the home to attract money)

Can be carried in pocket or satchel

Kitchen Table: Set a bowl of seeds and increase intentionally as offering


In Love, Abundance, and Empowerment, Ria! 






Indigenous Peoples Day, Speaking their Names: Libations, Remembrance, & “Spiritual Warfare”

First Americans Remembrance

It’s October 14, 2019, what many call “Columbus Day” and many more have reclaimed as “Indigenous Peoples Day.” It’s been a bittersweet, somber autumn day where the name “Columbus” has taken on in-depth conversation, satire, and conjured pain. So far I can trace my family lineage 6 generations from my genealogy research and my family include what is called “Aboriginal Indigenous” or first Americans. What would seem boastful is rather tinged with bittersweet feelings, anxieties, and uneasy emotions. For those labeled “Black” in America there is a hint of systematic emotional and historical repression.

We live in a paradoxical duality created by colonialist imperialism cloaked in a 527 year old New World Order. Columbus Day? It was the expulsion of the Moors from Al Andalusia in 1492 that set Columbus off to colonize pre-existing Moorish Empires and free aboriginal people of the Americas. Great trade routes and cities extending into South America, Central, and North America (North Amexem) became war torn zones existing over centuries. Illustrating the most massive continental genocide in human history set in motion by the sword of a pen and written stamp of The Doctrine of Discovery sanctioned by Pope Alexander VI one of many political, legal, spiritual Papal Bulls laying claims to land, identity and religious rights on the coasts and shores of the Americas. This would become a global phenomenon where the dark indigenous people of the world would become not only subjects, but wards of state, and sink to castes of animals and property.


For many of our Indigenous Ancestors both from the Native American (Bering Straits lineage) and Aboriginal Indigenous (“Copper colored” ancient lineage) they suffered some of the worlds most inhumane atrocities that continue to this day (as Native American and “Black” Americans) under the subjugation of modern White Supremacy steeped in the “legal, political and spiritual justification of land seizure and Christian superiority.” Let us not forget that it was Virginia law which legally reclassified thousands upon thousands of “copper colored” “mulatto” “free” people of Aboriginal Indigenous ancestry into “negro” “colored” “black” and ultimately “African American” classifications. Let us also presuppose that “black” is synonymous with the legal implications lacking any real civil rights, human rights, or sovereignty to land nationality.  Thus having this mixed lineage genealogy as a status, identity, and nationality  is where the real ‘blurred lines’ seem to stem — from a distortion of history and historical records.

Spiritual Warfare in the Americas

Supplanted Cognitive Dissonance. There’s been a powerful repression and oppression of voice, identity, and truth on American soil. Let us say that many of our Ancestors voices have been scrubbed from history books and a supplanted false identity, false historical timeline, and false memory has (or had) replaced their truth. Their stories have not been told on a large scale. To speak their names, i.e., tell the truth is often academic suicide steeped in taboo of labels, skepticism, and “pseudo” titles and name calling. Yet pull up (or rather dig out) any ancient American “first people” artifact from the lands of North American mound builders, civilized tribes (so called Seminole, Choctaw, Cherokee, Chickasaw, Creek), to Lenape or “First People” Mayan (Olmec), ancient Brazilian, or Peruvian and you will see thick lipped, wide nosed, kinky haired dark skinned and copper colored people who look very much like the myriad of mislabeled African American ascendents (decedents). We are the same people!

I am in college classrooms to date and hear no mention of the Moors contribution to architecture or ANY real scholastic honesty in probing “ancient” “black” “African” “Aboriginal” “First Peoples” contributions to world or global civilization. I am in a class of silence where I seem “to Know” in a sea of deadening deafening bodies of indoctrinated dogma.  In fact there are more “alien” theories and conspiracies than any showing of real, bonafide artifacts which alone prove people who looked like me where already here hundreds, thousands, even millions of years ago in North America, South America, Central America, as well as, Africa, Asia and Europe. Because I am a student of Anthropology and reeducate my miseducation I am in contact with primary sources that show and prove the aforementioned and later – “we were here, we existed, we still exist, we are still here!”

Libations & Letting Go

First let me say, today, I lit a white candle, poured libations and spoke the names of My Ancestors from the continents of North America, South America, and the Caribbean whose journeys include Central America’s Gulf Coast and Atlantic Ocean (and the African Continent).  Secondly, I will say, I have names and receipts! Yet just a few years back, not only did I faintly believe in the false plagiarized Haley Roots African-(only)-American ancestry history, I had debated with others about the validity of my own “Native American” ancestry or its existence thereof. “Your DNA is so mixed because you come from slaves.” I was told by a Facebook friend in 2016, “very little “aboriginals” existed in North America, blacks came from Africa by way of ships during the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade routes.” It wasn’t that I didn’t believe the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade existed at all, just NOT the way it was told to millions of elementary and college students. There was something that plummeted my solar plexus and I knew beyond a shadow of doubt that not only was that something not right, but my personal family story didn’t fit into that one-history fits all fictitious legend we had all agreed was fact and collective memory. I lit candles and I let go of the false histories.

I’m so thankful many are truly awakening in this woke Aquarian Age. We are here to remember who are Ancestors truly are; to awaken their memories, their stories, and speak their names restoring their proper personas and identities.  Truth be told, They Existed. Truth be told, We Are our Ancestors. We are the memories. They exist within us. We are not separate from them; but One With!

Happy Peace Day on this Indigenous Peoples Day!

Ria aka Daria Daniel


Commentary: The Seeds we plant



Smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ I rarely “speak” on politics or world events because, 1. I’m an observer,
2. I realize the relationship between my Commodity (Attention) and Emotions as fuel, energy and magic for the very things/actions I don’t agree with,
3. I hate giving away my power …. but I’m compelled to share just a bit of information as my critical thinking 🤔 cap sees these absurd shenanigans playing out during these times in our world history.

When there is No knowledge of Self (Historical Accountability) Humans will co-sign and act out pure absurdity…

Everything is kinnected (remember these words).

The Government of Brazil is in bed w the Very American Corporations who want to Grow MORE cattle and chicken (monoculture) farms while putting the World at Risk for greater Climate Disasters due to our current  Environmental Crisis. There is also a spiritual side of side of things that remain hidden that most do not know, see, or care to even research, yet all these seemingly unrelated things are in fact connected.

“Intensive monoculture depletes soil· and leaves it vulnerable to erosion· . Chemical fertilizer runoff and CAFO wastes add· to global warming emissions and create·oxygen-deprived “dead zones” at the mouths of major waterways . Herbicides and insecticides harm· wildlife and can pose· human health risks as well . Biodiversity in and near monoculture fields takes a hit· , as populations of birds and beneficial·insects decline (U. of C. S. (n. d.).”

The Amazon Rainforest ADEs (is) was a deeply rich manmade soil (Biodiversity) developed and constructed by the Ancient African Aboriginal Indigenous Mayans (Olmecs) [quick History Lesson: who btw were from “Egypt” ie Egyptian And Hebrew Pharaohs (Butler, 2009), the United Upper and Lower Egyptian Lands referenced on the hieroglyphs were in the East, ie (Africa) AND the West, ie (the Americas). I will leave that right there to marinate if anyone wants receipts I’ve got a dozen or more books 📚 you can research and confirm.]

ASEs are called Amazonian Dark Earths, Archaeologic Dark Earths, or Anthropogenic Dark Earths (Churchman & Landa, 2014).

These Egyptian Olmec Xia Hebrew Kings residing in the Kingdoms of the Americas (Churchward,1910)  ie Mexico, Guatemala, (Peru), Belize, El Salvador, Brazil used “high science” chemistry, agriculture and architecture to CREATE the sacred land (ancient ecosystem) of the Amazon Rainforest what we call today “The Lungs” of the Planet” (BBC, 2014). As we sit back and watch this land burn without truly knowing our direct kinnection to the land, we ignorantly allow our energy to be used and swayed by propaganda and brands. (Smh)

“The Amazon Basin is of continental size, about the size of the lower 48 states of the U.S.A., and consists mostly of Brazilian territory, but also extends into neighboring Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, and the Guianas” (Churchman & Landa, 2014, p.238).

The Amazon soil is called Terra  Preta  also known as “Black Soil” “Indigenous Soil” “Dark Earth” “Black Earth” is unique anthropogenic  CARBON RICH SOIL FERTILITY These great ancient ancestors (the Egyptian Olmecs) knew intrinsically (naturally) .the vital relationship between soil-health ie land fertility and mans-health ie human fertility. The direct “kinnection” between the Earth and Agriculture and Human  Life and to not only use technology to preserve and create sustainable systems that safeguard the natural balance and order of such natural systems but enhance and provide solutions for generations thereafter. Because to go against these “natural systems and orders” for “new world orders or systems” that oppose nature is genocide against humanity itself, ie the universal law of cause and effect (reaping what you sow).

Just food for thought albeit controversial.

(I’d love to write more on this subject ….) Until then, Love you Global Family!




Check it out for yourself!

Below is a small list of books and articles you can read fully to create your own opinions, thoughts, facts and ideas. Although we are in a time and age where information is abundant many are starved from the lack of  the truth, facts, real news, and real history of our planet and human family. This worldview perception causes a great disparity of consciousness and allows others to control realities. So read, read,  and read some more! Continue to awaken ….


In Love, Truth, and Empowerment!


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green musings:: Ecovibe, Selenite Crystals, and Baby Tears

I got hold of my first piece of selenite crystal today while in an eco plant shop hunting, learning, and exploring plants! EcoVibe Home is located at 1408 NE Alberta Street, Portland, OR 97211. It’s online store features clothing apparel while the brick and mortar shop is a home decor and plant 🌱 store.

The Alberta (Arts) District has some of the most chic, eclectic, and hipster shops and restaurants in Portland. Shortly after a morning iced-cream mocha to-go and shooting the tea with my twin suns, I wandered into the plant shop I’d been eyeing for months but never ventured to explore. The multitude of green eye candy that would capture my attention each time I passed the windows lead me to explore the stores intriguing displays and products.

EcoVibe Home Store – Alberta Arts District

This time, however, perhaps by the pull of the Pacific August Sun and the culling Green Earth emanating from the store, I was magnetized to not only absorb the delightful aesthetics, but find the one plant calling my name.

The EcoVibe Home is the kind of store you get decor ideas for your home and bedroom while you’re transfixed on trendy air plants, ferns, and succulents in copper vessels, earthen clay pots, and the coolest hanging ornaments.

EcoVibe Home had me so transfixed within the intensity and diversity of “green” hues, I was discovering not only cool decor trends but a new home plant that I caught myself mouthing out-loud “oh cool, I love how this looks, but what is it exactly?” Pointing to unusual (but super cool) wall plants snuggled in fixtures I had to have (pictured below).

Not only are books, journals, artwork for sale but an array of plants, pots, unique jars, pillows, furniture, and nifty decor finds.

Upon my short time exploring, one plant did call my name and was nearly one of its kind in the shop, a well robust, Baby Tears ground plant.

Baby Tears House Plant

In spite of the name, baby tears plant 🌱 also known by its botanical name Soleirolia soleirolii (Other common names for this plant include: Mind-Your-Own-Business and Irish Moss) is an invasive evergreen needing constant contact with its soil.

This ground plant makes an excellent ground cover, loves moisture, will produce small white flowers during the summer months and needs repotting once it’s overgrown it’s previous pot.

What attracted me was the visual aesthetics of the plant full of lush green abundance in a relatively small hanging pot. The tiny round leaf clusters which cascade abundantly are so cute and delicate. I had never had or seen one of these plants but immediately asked the shop girl how to care for the plant.

Upon contemplating taking the Baby Tears plant home I scooped up what appeared to be Selenite Crystals immediately feeling it’s “calm” and soothing energy.

Selenite Gemstones

Selenite were crystals I had read about as New Age Higher chakra amplifiers tuning into cosmic angelic guides. I was drawn to the energy of these translucent moon wands not only because of their size but an outer worldly inner worldly feeling I could feel them transmitting. I envisioned some mystical majestic old world intentionally carved crystal cave exalted yet hidden beneath the facade of mountains where these wands originated. In my tiny hands they felt completely soothing with stories programmed within their geometric strands ready to vibrate its wisdom.

Selenite Healing Benefits

Selenite crystals are associated with the ebb and flow of the Moon 🌙 and the ancient Titan goddess Selene, a triple goddess associated with Artemis and Hecate. Selenite powers are derived from the light or brightness of the Moon and accessing Light Body frequency of the Crown and Higher Chakras and dimensions.

So far both the crystals and my houseplant are thriving and providing a powerful exchange of healing and empowering energy.

Health, and Empowering Love!

Benefits of Ginkgo Biloba the Longevity Tree

According to Medical News Today,

Ginkgo Biloba an ancient tree 🌲 found in fossils more than 270 million years old, is excellent for brain 🧠 health including dementia, Alzheimer’s, cognitive development, social behavior, and improved focus.

Gingko Biloba trees photographed in Portland

Leaves of Gingko Biloba tree

Other healing benefits include:

  • Improved sexual energy
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Increased circulation
  • Vision and eye health
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Fights cancer, arthritis, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), stroke, and heart disease

Ginkgo has long been a natural medicinal remedy in ancient 15th century China its native habitat. Gingko is also known as Maidenhair and as Gin Kyo in Japanese. The mature tree can grow as tall as 160 feet (50 m). In the fall, the leaves turn saffron golden yellow then drop to the grown. Remarkably, Ginkgo Biloba is one of the most resilient longevity tree species with built-in insect resistant wood and disease including pests and animals such as deer. Resistance includes bacteria, virus, and fungi to its internal and external environments.

My personal journey with Ginkgo

I discovered Ginkgo Biloba I’m Washington, DC in the 90s as one of the trees heavily populated throughout the city. As my natural healing vocabulary grew, this medicinal herb 🌿 was added to my herb cabinet and usage. I would ask for ginkgo in Chinese and Korean New York bodegas along with ginseng and ginger candy. Here in Portland, I noticed the leaves and immature trees planted in my neighborhood and in the city. The sight of the unique familiar green leaves brought a flood of good memories and curiosity to “revisit” the healing and spiritual medicine this tree provides.

Namaste 🙏🏽

Ria (Daria)


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