7day Vegan eBook

Ria Sweetraw has been healing herself and family since 1988, when she stumbled upon natural healing and alternative foods. This eBook shares the NaturalSelfGoddess wisdom, indigenous love in the form of rituals, elemental magick, and vegetarian – vegan foods and live smoothies that elevate, sustain, and empower humanity. In Love + Empowerment ~ Ria (Daria Danielle) 

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This eBook gifts you with:
  • Easy transition recipes and meal plans
  • Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw foods, Smoothies, Tonics
  • Indigenous Goddess Rituals and Elemental Magick
  • High Vibration Mantras and Affirmations

ebook Sample

Enjoy free sample 7day Vegan eBook including entire a preview chapter of NaturalSelf and Day 7 vegan recipe.


Empowered, Dynamic Radiant You!

You are a Gift! 

Worship YourSelf and a
God/dess will Appear!

These words may seem narcissist even daring to those who are indoctrinated in acts of powerlessness but for me they are revolutionary allowing personal freedom, self exploration, discovery, and empowerment. Suppose for just a second, that in order to free a mind or rather a slave from a system that does little to serve its growth, Self+Worship is a magickal tool. The use of Self+Worship assist healing and ascension. Not seen or burdened with definitions of the ego behaviors but a deep, rich soulful act of Unconditional Love as a power of ascending the lower vibration of this planet.  Self+Worship is an act of Unconditional Love that may start with the Self transforming frequencie, collapsing mind programs, and thus healing humanity.  Self+Worship is free from self denial, self-hatred, self-sabotage and forms of fear that imprison and paralyze right action, courage, real social economic unity and global evolution where all people and human-kind can flourish. 

Acts of Kindness and Love are revolutionary!♥

7Day Vegan eBook
7Day Vegan eBook Sample, Pages 38-39 Vegan Raw Food Collard Wrap Recipe, You are the Gift!

Get your copy of 7day Vegan eBook now!

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