Day 11 ♥ High Knees, Knee Strikes, Half Jacks, Jump Squats!

Good morning Happy Rising! Ready to Work!  Here’s how! ♥ Half Jacks High Knees Jump Squats        

Day 10 ♥ Into the Storm – Push Ups and Arms! – Fitness, Hair Inspiration!

This Hero’s Journey has been pretty ‘honorable’ lol My weapons practice has been more Bow and Arrow then Magic Ring! For one, I discovered I cant go a day without some form of running under the Sun – even on days I feel less than energetic I have to be out there!  I walk andContinue reading “Day 10 ♥ Into the Storm – Push Ups and Arms! – Fitness, Hair Inspiration!”

Day 9 ♥ – Crow Pose – From My Yoga Pages

So yesterday I did the  Crow Pose in my Yoga practice! You can imagine how stoked I am right now!! I had only planned on ‘stretching’ out better to make up for missing my Warm ups, cool downs and stretches the day before my HIIT morning practice! Since I was sore, I really just went intoContinue reading “Day 9 ♥ – Crow Pose – From My Yoga Pages”

Day 8 ♥ Warm Up, Cool Down and Stretch!

Don’t forget to get a Good Warm Up! I didn’t do such a good job in my Warm up and Cool Downs and woke up sore the next day! This morning I started with some Yoga and stretching and Warm Up before my Day 8 Workout Routine! Quick Warm Up Facts  Increases circulation to the tendons, muscles, ligaments Continue reading “Day 8 ♥ Warm Up, Cool Down and Stretch!”

Day 7♥ – Fit Sunday – Get it Goddess!

I’m hoping there will be Sun this morning! Day 7 – Whoot, whoot! Get It Goddess!    Today I will be doing alot of planks and high knee sets 7 sets (20-2 sets),  along with Sprinting – Running interval training –  (30 minute to 1 hour total), Abs routine (28 Sit Ups, 110 Flutter Kicks,Continue reading “Day 7♥ – Fit Sunday – Get it Goddess!”

Fortitude Fitness Fridays : Day 5♥

Happy Friday and Happy July 4 Weekend to All!  If you’re already on the road or on vacation travel safely and remember you can exercise ANYWHERE, ANYTIME NO GYM OR WEIGHTS NECESSARY! Try to get in your 30 minutes, walking, running, jogging, cycling, and of course, push up, sit ups, burpees, push ups, and planks!Continue reading “Fortitude Fitness Fridays : Day 5♥”

daughter of the Sun ♥ Sa Ra daughters rising!

i know im here to master some things…  arent we all… happy rising! intend your day brings on a whole new meaning ohh, how we can use this energy ! there is only bliss, only unity, only love, only freedom! for ALL InLove!   Ria    

Day 2: ♥ 30 Day Fitness Challenge –

Break~Fast Simple Break~fast:  Organic Tofu Scramble w Mushrooms Lightly Sauteed Organic Spinach and Kale Fresh Berries (Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries) certified organic Coconut Milk (fresh) Workout Hero – Day 2 Yoga Challenge – Day 2 Walk to Run  Meditation – Day 2  Ab Core Workout  Notes: My abs are sore from  yesterday’s workout. I think the Climbers – Level 2Continue reading “Day 2: ♥ 30 Day Fitness Challenge –”