After a full day of Sun ☀️ in Portland & Dr. Alim Bey’s Healing Wings Institute classes

It was beautiful yesterday! After weeks of rain and cloudy weather the sun cleared up the flooded locations where excessive rain caused massive flood warnings — landslides and possible road and real estate damage. Probably the only reason the sun fully shown that day apart from its immense beauty and healing powers. What Nature (God)Continue reading “After a full day of Sun ☀️ in Portland & Dr. Alim Bey’s Healing Wings Institute classes”

where is ria?| fitness check’in

It’s been some time since I posted to NaturalSelfGoddess the Blog, for one I’m happily in college and killing it so far (fingers crossed) in my courses. Truth be told I LOVE SCHOOL, ACADEMICS AND LEARNING!  (i’d learn something new even if i wasn’t in a classroom) Since childhood, I’ve been competitive in academics andContinue reading “where is ria?| fitness check’in”

Finding Treasures in Your Local Market

Local Markets are Amazing Finds It’s 3 am and I am sipping on an eclectic array of African seeds I purchased this weekend while searching for a liquor store for my Ancestors.  The later I’m sure sounds anything but normal but as in most African-centered religions or those by way of the Far East offerings of fruit,Continue reading “Finding Treasures in Your Local Market”

gratitude givings ♥ #250

i am grateful for hearing and seeing new things even old things infinite things become nu transform from night to day from rain to shine butterflies on the path to greatness in the moment of ecstatic infinite awareness i appreciate the all in all of you Day 250

gratitude givings ♥ #236

I AM soo soo sooooo GRATEFUL for those Souls who Know AND Teach AND Share AND EDUCATE and Empower!! I am so thankful to YOU, Your Struggle and Your Triumph! ♥ Thank YoU for Teaching Me, (for Me to Teach the Next..) May We All Be Free! Day 236

gratitude givings ♥ #230

I am Grateful for this Sunshine his kind words of power manifesting his inner projections of success his familiar voice and presence this millionaire mindset I am Thankful for this Reflection for association and support for the like attracts like for the ready set go the care and give back for this sun coming after the rainContinue reading “gratitude givings ♥ #230”