gratitude givings ♥ #229

I am grateful for beautiful synchronicities for signs for laughter for kinnection for romance for sexiness for courage for beautiful spirals and butterflies this rain and thunder of shango and oya the love of oshun and yemaya for Ancestors for mysterious melanin for chlorophyll and our radiance for our fierce triumph for eternal love DayContinue reading “gratitude givings ♥ #229”

Iron Rich Vegan Foods + Why Vegans are Crazy!

Happy Thursday! ♥ So this started out as a how to fitness quickie article then turned into How to make Homemade protein bars to  “Why Im not 100% Raw!”  Ok Im gonna split this up! First things first!  My energy is a little low these past few days. I haven’t figured out what ‘right’ balance I need whenContinue reading “Iron Rich Vegan Foods + Why Vegans are Crazy!”

Day 11 ♥ High Knees, Knee Strikes, Half Jacks, Jump Squats!

Good morning Happy Rising! Ready to Work!  Here’s how! ♥ Half Jacks High Knees Jump Squats        

Day 10 ♥ Into the Storm – Push Ups and Arms! – Fitness, Hair Inspiration!

This Hero’s Journey has been pretty ‘honorable’ lol My weapons practice has been more Bow and Arrow then Magic Ring! For one, I discovered I cant go a day without some form of running under the Sun – even on days I feel less than energetic I have to be out there!  I walk andContinue reading “Day 10 ♥ Into the Storm – Push Ups and Arms! – Fitness, Hair Inspiration!”