Forms of Gratitude & Love!

Peace Global Family! Happy August! That Blood Moon ( Full Moon Eclipse) has provided some powerful shifts and I’m so thankful for this growth, wisdom, sight, and the myriad of opportunities! So much has been happening since my last post (so much I don’t post). I am working on creating a blog post schedule to keepContinue reading “Forms of Gratitude & Love!”

key to happiness | A Love Message by RiaSweetraw @naturalselfgoddess

Want to know the “Key” to Happiness? Refuse to Live by Default! Discover yourself, Embrace yourself, Love Yourself and Live Your Life Fiercely! ( a little LoVe message from Daria aka Ria Sweetraw @NaturalSelfGoddess)

gratitude givings ♥ #261

i am super duper grateful for awareness for those higher ascended teachers who share my path of knowing and being who live brutally honest and without illusion who have turned darkness into light who walk with the crown who are my greatest reflection i love you, i thankh you, i am grateful! day 261

gratitude givings ♥ #250

i am grateful for hearing and seeing new things even old things infinite things become nu transform from night to day from rain to shine butterflies on the path to greatness in the moment of ecstatic infinite awareness i appreciate the all in all of you Day 250

gratitude givings ♥ #230

I am Grateful for this Sunshine his kind words of power manifesting his inner projections of success his familiar voice and presence this millionaire mindset I am Thankful for this Reflection for association and support for the like attracts like for the ready set go the care and give back for this sun coming after the rainContinue reading “gratitude givings ♥ #230”

gratitude givings ♥ #229

I am grateful for beautiful synchronicities for signs for laughter for kinnection for romance for sexiness for courage for beautiful spirals and butterflies this rain and thunder of shango and oya the love of oshun and yemaya for Ancestors for mysterious melanin for chlorophyll and our radiance for our fierce triumph for eternal love DayContinue reading “gratitude givings ♥ #229”