gratitude givings ♥ #220 (see more love ♥ be love ♥ share love!)

I am Grateful for the Love I see in this World Wellness is Love at every angle my focus is to be more love to bring more Love into my Life into this World! Day 220

gratitude givings ♥ #195

I AM grateful for our abundant Universe this Love we see this Love we express this Love we embody in our life work and walking in purpose our Divinity our Sacred Self for all that is I see you. I see me. Day 195    

gratitude givings ♥ #194

I AM grateful for the heirloom organic tomatoes, beautiful green cilantro, the darkest green kale, herbs and spices, the fresh almond milk I make. The sweat at my cleavage the coils in my tiny locs and the love I am feeling right here! Day 194    

gratitude givings ♥ #189

I AM Thankful for my Dreams visions, creative inspiration, warnings, and sacred teachings deeper innerstanding of the mysteries beyond this life In space time continuum where past, present and future become one I am Thankful for my Dreams the goals and wishes of my desires the belief that we all will be free in thisContinue reading “gratitude givings ♥ #189”

gratitude givings ♥ #188

I AM Thankful for my beautiful, smart, wise Children ! I am thankful you have made this journey with me! I am thankful you choose me as your Mother! This sacred role of being Guide, Teacher, lover of life, care-giver and Divine Protectress, you taught me to fight for you, to  Love You Unconditionally, and I became Warrioress of Love. ♥Continue reading “gratitude givings ♥ #188”

motivation mondays! Fitness, Happiness, Love!

It’s been a busy weekend! Lots of recipes, lots of  laughs, so much learning! Here’s to rediscovering yourself!! Moving past fears and illusions and embracing the greatest love of all 😉 I’m so grateful for the small things: 1. Watching my Sun wake up and Vitamix himself (and me) a GREEN Fruit Smoothie for breakfast!Continue reading “motivation mondays! Fitness, Happiness, Love!”

the Yin and Yang of Being, BodyBuilding and Practicing Yoga

The Yin and Yang of Being, BodyBuilding and Practicing Yoga? Uhhhh, can you, should you? For me it’s no longer an ‘either or’ debate. Often we feel as if we are forced to choose between parts of ourselves and told we cant do one over  the other, some of us  are stuck with a role that othersContinue reading “the Yin and Yang of Being, BodyBuilding and Practicing Yoga”