The Next 30 – Fit Friday Motivation!

My Rest Days are over and I am back in the saddle ready the next 30 Days! Here’s what I did yesterday! Today I’ve done 2 workouts this morning up at 4 ish am, Vegan Protein smoothie and Coconut Water within reach! I joined an Accountability Group but I pretty much have that arena onContinue reading “The Next 30 – Fit Friday Motivation!”

Day29 ♥ Hero’s Journey + 21 Day Fix Extreme – Monday Motivation!

Happy Day 29 ♥ – Cardio, Upper Body and Abs!  Yeah almost at Day 30 of my 30 Day Fitness Challenge! Very excited for this completion and ready for the next 30 days (wink). The Hero’s Journey last a total of 60 Days and the 21 Day Fix Extreme (Beachbody program) lasts another 16 ? days!Continue reading “Day29 ♥ Hero’s Journey + 21 Day Fix Extreme – Monday Motivation!”

Day27 ♥ Rising Sun – Defeating 7 Assassins (Hero’s Journey!)

Completed my Day 3 – 21 Day Fix Extreme – Pilates and had a great stretch and abs routine. Now it’s time to conquer this Seven 7 Assassins Fight Routine (Hero’s Journey) lol . What a great way to celebrate the Rising Sun (wink). I was really sore in my calves last night after myContinue reading “Day27 ♥ Rising Sun – Defeating 7 Assassins (Hero’s Journey!)”

Day26 ♥ Arms on Fire! – Friday Fitness Motivation

Feeling Energized and Satisfied! Aside from my Day 2 of 21 Day Fix Extreme, I’m on Day 26 of this Hero Journey and today is Burpees!!! I had some sets yesterday 30 seconds each set which nearly killed me. I was up at 4:30 am no alarm clock needed (today 4 am)  and ready toContinue reading “Day26 ♥ Arms on Fire! – Friday Fitness Motivation”

Day25 ♥ Hydrate! Coconut Water Bliss for Your Body

Reaching for my Coconut Water just now I found my cup empty! It was a heck of a workout! My first Plyo Fix Extreme routine! Had me drenched in sweat hating the 1 arm rotations! But I got through the first routine and added a second. I will spend my evening catching up on yoga! GonnaContinue reading “Day25 ♥ Hydrate! Coconut Water Bliss for Your Body”

Day 18 ♥ Fitness (Owning the Yang of My Self)

“Why Men Love Bitches” ? I had just spoken about the awesome amount of Self Love that a woman must own, cultivate and embrace from within herself  to stay on course, live her purpose and find true happiness, when this video “popped up” from the many fitness training videos I was watching. How beautifully synchronistic!Continue reading “Day 18 ♥ Fitness (Owning the Yang of My Self)”

Day 14 ♥ -Elbow and Knee Strikes (Keep Hydrated!)

The sun has been blazing hot! But don’t stop! Drink plenty of water and get in as much coconut water post workout! About 8 glasses of water per day plus you can eat your water with foods high in water content to nourish your body and cells! Foods to keep you hydrated – Fruits likeContinue reading “Day 14 ♥ -Elbow and Knee Strikes (Keep Hydrated!)”

Iron Rich Vegan Foods + Why Vegans are Crazy!

Happy Thursday! ♥ So this started out as a how to fitness quickie article then turned into How to make Homemade protein bars to  “Why Im not 100% Raw!”  Ok Im gonna split this up! First things first!  My energy is a little low these past few days. I haven’t figured out what ‘right’ balance I need whenContinue reading “Iron Rich Vegan Foods + Why Vegans are Crazy!”

Day 11 ♥ High Knees, Knee Strikes, Half Jacks, Jump Squats!

Good morning Happy Rising! Ready to Work!  Here’s how! ♥ Half Jacks High Knees Jump Squats        

Day 10 ♥ Into the Storm – Push Ups and Arms! – Fitness, Hair Inspiration!

This Hero’s Journey has been pretty ‘honorable’ lol My weapons practice has been more Bow and Arrow then Magic Ring! For one, I discovered I cant go a day without some form of running under the Sun – even on days I feel less than energetic I have to be out there!  I walk andContinue reading “Day 10 ♥ Into the Storm – Push Ups and Arms! – Fitness, Hair Inspiration!”