A Gymnast is Born: Meet Allison Tellez

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of witnessing my niece, Allison Tellez, age 8, compete at The Royals Invitational at Stafford High School.   It was my first-ever live gymnast meet and to be honest, I’m rather hooked. I wish my kids were still young enough to learn and join in the fun. AtContinue reading “A Gymnast is Born: Meet Allison Tellez”

key to happiness | A Love Message by RiaSweetraw @naturalselfgoddess

Want to know the “Key” to Happiness? Refuse to Live by Default! Discover yourself, Embrace yourself, Love Yourself and Live Your Life Fiercely! ( a little LoVe message from Daria aka Ria Sweetraw @NaturalSelfGoddess)

Will+filled Wednesdays Motivation

“The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination.”– Tommy Lasorda   Peace Fam! Workout #1 – COMPLETED! I love sweating in the morning 🙂 It’s a V/C morning but keeping your routine is highly recommended! So stay the course and keep it moving!              Continue reading “Will+filled Wednesdays Motivation”

Happy Fortitude Fitness ♥ Friday

Happy Friday Family! (Happy New Moon in Sagittarius and for the vedic kemetic astrology Opichius New Moon!) I had no idea it was a new moon although I think a few days ago, I was looking at a crescent waning moon and thought “Ahh, how gorgeous” before rushing into my next task.  At some point I did findContinue reading “Happy Fortitude Fitness ♥ Friday”

Fit Fridays – You Can Do It If You Believe You Can!

You can succeed if you believe you can! So visualize, meditate, see what it is you want to manifest and focus!!! Eat Clean! Train Mean! InJoy and Celebrate Your Life! Your Goals  Will Be Achieved! Keep Going, Said the Universal Mind! You are a Magnet! Raise Your Vibration and Attract! Appreciation – Always!    Continue reading “Fit Fridays – You Can Do It If You Believe You Can!”

The Next 30 – Fit Friday Motivation!

My Rest Days are over and I am back in the saddle ready the next 30 Days! Here’s what I did yesterday! Today I’ve done 2 workouts this morning up at 4 ish am, Vegan Protein smoothie and Coconut Water within reach! I joined an Accountability Group but I pretty much have that arena onContinue reading “The Next 30 – Fit Friday Motivation!”

Day27 ♥ Rising Sun – Defeating 7 Assassins (Hero’s Journey!)

Completed my Day 3 – 21 Day Fix Extreme – Pilates and had a great stretch and abs routine. Now it’s time to conquer this Seven 7 Assassins Fight Routine (Hero’s Journey) lol . What a great way to celebrate the Rising Sun (wink). I was really sore in my calves last night after myContinue reading “Day27 ♥ Rising Sun – Defeating 7 Assassins (Hero’s Journey!)”

Day26 ♥ Arms on Fire! – Friday Fitness Motivation

Feeling Energized and Satisfied! Aside from my Day 2 of 21 Day Fix Extreme, I’m on Day 26 of this Hero Journey and today is Burpees!!! I had some sets yesterday 30 seconds each set which nearly killed me. I was up at 4:30 am no alarm clock needed (today 4 am)  and ready toContinue reading “Day26 ♥ Arms on Fire! – Friday Fitness Motivation”

Day 23-24 ♥ Mornings are the BEST!

It’s 6:45 am and I’m dripping wet, feeling energized, body cooling, Sun coming up, blissings to Khepra, eternity, dispelling illusions from within and in our outerworld, and truly celebrating divine knowing and focus on truth! I’ve been busy with lectures, readings, studies, notes, and innerstanding. All through out my workout these images were floating throughContinue reading “Day 23-24 ♥ Mornings are the BEST!”

Day 21 ♥ Self Control, Self Discipline, Self Love!

Yes, Be Inspiring simply by being who you are! Dig deep enough to go that extra mile, those extra minutes, that extra rep, it may hurt but YOU are worth it! The first 30 may be a bit difficult but the next 30 will make you that much stronger! (wink) It feels like so muchContinue reading “Day 21 ♥ Self Control, Self Discipline, Self Love!”