lavender essential oil – diy mosquito repellent

So I was playing in the woods yesterday! Getting some rest, meditation, and rejuvenation when something didn’t quite feel ‘right.’ I rushed out of the woods only to look on my arm and brush away a mosquito that was fully engaged in my skin. To my surprise I had in a very short time overContinue reading “lavender essential oil – diy mosquito repellent”

Seeking Fitness in Nature – Fitness Vlog June 2018

How about Fitness in Nature? Going for a lake swim preceded by yoga in the park? Sounds amazing right, that’s what I thought. I got dressed headed to Fredericksburg VA to a park I had visited last Indian Summer where everyone was either tubing, swimming or fishing in the Rappahannock River. I was excited withContinue reading “Seeking Fitness in Nature – Fitness Vlog June 2018”

crazy cumin, dance, fitness & organic foods: summer in dc

I’m so thankful to be back in the DC area! It’s been both humbling and eye-opening journey home and so far I’ve been gifted with some awesome creative avenues such as Dance Workstudy program (study West African Dance, Modern Dance, Hip Hop, Salsa styles), Join a Neo Soul Jazz band as Lead Vocals, perform inContinue reading “crazy cumin, dance, fitness & organic foods: summer in dc”

Watercress Apple Juice – Quick K + Vitamins C, E, B’s!

Watercress is truly one of my FAVORITE super super foods! My first time being vegan some 20 years ago, I ate watercress like it was candy, back then with garlic, olive oil, sliced onions, and raw apple cider vinegar marinade. Today, I eat it mostly raw with a dabble of salt, organic cold pressed oliveContinue reading “Watercress Apple Juice – Quick K + Vitamins C, E, B’s!”

Fitness+Wellness: 30 Day Fit Challenge

I have to have a movement to keep me motivated! It has to be all or nothing – I’m either all in or not at all. I went to my sister’s private gym a few weeks ago tagging along with her and her kids to their community pool. Since I didn’t have a bathing suitContinue reading “Fitness+Wellness: 30 Day Fit Challenge”

AM Surya Namaskara Yoga

Nothing feels more powerful than starting your rising with breathing, intention and Yoga! Surya Namaskara Sun Salutations  helps to balance out my emotions, bringing clarity and aiding in my spiritual development. What I bring to the mat I can release on the mat and rejuvenate myself with higher vibrations, inner joy and empowerment. Benefits ofContinue reading “AM Surya Namaskara Yoga”

Turkey Tail Mushroom, Cancer Cures and Paul Staments

Solutions are one of my favorite words! Why? They bring hope to what we perceive as ‘crisis’ ‘hopeless’ ‘toxic’ and transform that negative energy into action and resolution that benefit ‘all’. If you’re still believing there are no cures for cancer and other diseases, its time you begin your real education in health and survival!Continue reading “Turkey Tail Mushroom, Cancer Cures and Paul Staments”

the Yin and Yang of Being, BodyBuilding and Practicing Yoga

The Yin and Yang of Being, BodyBuilding and Practicing Yoga? Uhhhh, can you, should you? For me it’s no longer an ‘either or’ debate. Often we feel as if we are forced to choose between parts of ourselves and told we cant do one over  the other, some of us  are stuck with a role that othersContinue reading “the Yin and Yang of Being, BodyBuilding and Practicing Yoga”