Dandelion Liver❤Love Juice – Vitamin K for Green Leafy MelaninMagicK

Vitamin K for Green Leafy MelaninMagicK – Dandelion Liver❤ Love Juice   Dandelion  Dandelion leaves act as a liver and kidney cleanser activating detoxification. Don’t sleep on the dandelion weed! This bitter flavonoid is a radiant blood cleanser. The leaves can be added to your salads, thrown in a blender or juicer to add toContinue reading “Dandelion Liver❤Love Juice – Vitamin K for Green Leafy MelaninMagicK”

Sunday Motivation! Set Your Weekly Intention, Goals..then Get It!

Set Your Weekly Intention, Goals..then Get It! If you can see it you can achieve it! Here are a few Affirmations: I am Committed to being a better person today! I create Opportunities! I can! I Will! Watch Me! I am Consistent! I am a Champion! xo ~ Ria Sweetraw   


I couldn’t resist! After the WonderWoman Workout, I did a 30 minute Dance cardio (Dropped It Low!), then Started my Day 1 of my 30Day 1400 BURPEES CHALLENGE!  Can you believe I had to warm into it? Ssshhh, I actually did an extra 10 for just thinking about committing a Cheat Day desert! I postedContinue reading “Day 1- 30+DAY 1400BURPEES CHALLENGE”

Consistency is the New Black – Train to Transform Your Life

Consistency has been one of my weaknesses for years! Prior to having my children,  I was always practicing my art forms – dance, music, vocals- singing, rehearsing, practicing, rehearsing and performing, as motherhood set in and duties mounted I slowly put my gifts on the back burner to become provider, nurse, teacher, and everything elseContinue reading “Consistency is the New Black – Train to Transform Your Life”