Day 6: ♥ Fitness Holiday July 4th!

Want to loose Belly Fat and Burn Calories Fast? According to research (Colorado State University) you can burn an extra 200 calories by doing just 2.5 minutes of sprint intervals! Day 6! InJoy your 4th, Eat Clean and Travel Safe!  Happy 4th everyone! Now that you’re prepping for that epic barbecue or on the roadContinue reading “Day 6: ♥ Fitness Holiday July 4th!”

Day 4: ♥ Keep it Moving! – Squats and PushUps!

Yeah Day 4! Here we go, The Armory aka weapons practice of the Hero’s Journey! I added the Bow and Arrow– yesterday and did 1hr over 30 minutes. I can’t say it was easy, those hills and sprinting! Jeez! But I have to do it again!! It was so worth it! The  The Magic Ring was cool but IContinue reading “Day 4: ♥ Keep it Moving! – Squats and PushUps!”

Day 3: ♥ The Armory, Weapons Practice – Hero’s Journey Program

Yeah Day 3! Here we go, The Armory aka weapons practice of the Hero’s Journey! Which weapon did I choose? Bow and Arrow– naw, although, I can’t help but reconsider adding this training for its’ many benefits! I’ve chosen The Magic Ring ak Planks for a Rock Hard Core! Me being me I will combineContinue reading “Day 3: ♥ The Armory, Weapons Practice – Hero’s Journey Program”

Fitness+Wellness: 30 Day Fit Challenge

I have to have a movement to keep me motivated! It has to be all or nothing – I’m either all in or not at all. I went to my sister’s private gym a few weeks ago tagging along with her and her kids to their community pool. Since I didn’t have a bathing suitContinue reading “Fitness+Wellness: 30 Day Fit Challenge”

Happy MoonDay! Active Rest Days….(hmmmm)

Another Active Rest Day on this Live Fit program, its only Day 15 so thank God/dess tomorrow is Leg Day and I have weights to contend with. For my “Active” Rest Day which would count 3 Days so far I spent 2 days doing some Home Gym stretching and body weight routines…ohh and dance! HopeContinue reading “Happy MoonDay! Active Rest Days….(hmmmm)”


I couldn’t resist! After the WonderWoman Workout, I did a 30 minute Dance cardio (Dropped It Low!), then Started my Day 1 of my 30Day 1400 BURPEES CHALLENGE!  Can you believe I had to warm into it? Ssshhh, I actually did an extra 10 for just thinking about committing a Cheat Day desert! I postedContinue reading “Day 1- 30+DAY 1400BURPEES CHALLENGE”

30-Day Challenge, Choosing to Be Fit!

You’ve seen the quote “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” – George Bernard Shaw, well, what if the saying goes,  Life is about Creating Yourself AND Challenging Yourself?~ Ria Sweetraw Takharu Although Ive been an example of living a healthy lifestyle for over 25 years, I have, like many delved into various levelsContinue reading “30-Day Challenge, Choosing to Be Fit!”