What Do Vegan’s Eat? A “Few” Pics from My Veggie Journal

What do Vegan’s eat? Veggies, fruits, some legumes, or grains, lots of raw juices and smoothies, some sweets on occasion!  For my comfort food cravings, I made a spaghetti meatless pasta to die for. Quick, easy, and sooo tasty! Hmmm I had “Fish” tacos, Okra Gumbo with black rice and avocado, hhmm for breakfast IContinue reading “What Do Vegan’s Eat? A “Few” Pics from My Veggie Journal”

Raw-liscious Recipes: Live Food Demo ~ Organic Collard Veggie Wraps

These actually went faster than the Thai Kale Salad which is surprising! I wanted so badly to taste one but I ran out of avocados hmm tonight will be a great night to remake them for myself! (smiling) oh yes and family, of course! ~ Injoy!

Photos from Evans Farmer’s Market + Augusta’s Locally Grown Live Food Demo

It was so much fun and I had the opportunity to meet some pretty amazing people at the Augusta’s Locally Grown Farmer’s Market in Evans, Georgia yesterday. Everyone loved my  Thai Kale Salad and Collard Veggie Wraps! Here are some pics. I was asked to come back, open a restaurant, teach classes and create a recipeContinue reading “Photos from Evans Farmer’s Market + Augusta’s Locally Grown Live Food Demo”

Sweetraw Live Food Demo @ Evans Towne Farmers Market

Peace and Love Family! Come out and catch me at Evans Town Farmers Market, Thursday, April 24 from 4:30pm to 7pm! Ria Sweetraw,  NaturalSelf by Ria Sweetraw LLC Sponsored by Augusta Locally Grown free live food demo free samples shop organic natural foods, veggies, fruits produce Looking forward to seeing you there! ~ Ria Sweetraw