Will+filled Wednesdays Motivation

“The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination.”– Tommy Lasorda   Peace Fam! Workout #1 – COMPLETED! I love sweating in the morning 🙂 It’s a V/C morning but keeping your routine is highly recommended! So stay the course and keep it moving!              Continue reading “Will+filled Wednesdays Motivation”


Have you been listening to your Dreams lately? Ive been dreamy this weekend!  There is a surprising cool breeze here in Augusta that brings a smile all over my body, it’s absolute ‘magic’ to what was an oppressively hot week! This wind is heavenly and much appreciated….  APPRECIATION!  LISTEN to your Inner Self what isContinue reading “DREAMY APPRECIATION…MOTIVATED MONDAYS!”

motivation mondays! Fitness, Happiness, Love!

It’s been a busy weekend! Lots of recipes, lots of  laughs, so much learning! Here’s to rediscovering yourself!! Moving past fears and illusions and embracing the greatest love of all 😉 I’m so grateful for the small things: 1. Watching my Sun wake up and Vitamix himself (and me) a GREEN Fruit Smoothie for breakfast!Continue reading “motivation mondays! Fitness, Happiness, Love!”

Sunday Motivation! Set Your Weekly Intention, Goals..then Get It!

Set Your Weekly Intention, Goals..then Get It! If you can see it you can achieve it! Here are a few Affirmations: I am Committed to being a better person today! I create Opportunities! I can! I Will! Watch Me! I am Consistent! I am a Champion! xo ~ Ria Sweetraw   

The Power of Decision -Create Your Life!

“No one can go back, but everyone ca go forward. And tomorrow, when the sun rises,all you have to say to yourself is:I am going to think this day as the first day of my life.” ― Paulo Coelho                   I just wanted to share something withContinue reading “The Power of Decision -Create Your Life!”