Wisdom of the Elders – recognizing and making sacred kinnections on your journey

making sacred kinnections on your journey Neuroplasticity speaks to the ability to rewire the brain through forming new connections via stimuli (expanded environment) activating synapses to strengthen cortical organization systems, synaptic (neuro) connections, and even cortical remapping.   “Pushing our self past our boundaries of limitation and extreme, sometimes to something that knocks off ourContinue reading “Wisdom of the Elders – recognizing and making sacred kinnections on your journey”

WillPower Wednesdays

I know I’m a bit late with this post but I DID workout today! I’m  loving the way I’m transforming; Sexy, Slimmer, Shapely, Tighter, Toned with a “Glow” as my Body Builder Trainer Champion friend told me yesterday while visiting him at his new gym in Martinez. It so happened to be his birthday. “WhatContinue reading “WillPower Wednesdays”

Own Your Shit, You Create It, You Own It!

Relationships, this quote really struck me as I read this article on “We Are The MEN Women Want and We Are Sexy, Conscious and AWAKE” Kelly Marceau in Yoganonymous blog. It was actually something I may have written and made me chuckle. Is it time to clean up your own shit? Well I can agree owningContinue reading “Own Your Shit, You Create It, You Own It!”

The Healing Flow of Real Talk

Ended Saturday’s workout simply sharing with a Brother! Sometimes an initial “Are you single”, is an invitation to simply be ‘real’ and heal through conversation!  I have long recognized my innate healing abilities. I find that many are drawn to my energy and feel comfortable enough to spill out their deepest truths. Sometimes pain, sometimesContinue reading “The Healing Flow of Real Talk”