key to happiness | A Love Message by RiaSweetraw @naturalselfgoddess

Want to know the “Key” to Happiness?

Refuse to Live by Default! Discover yourself, Embrace yourself, Love Yourself and Live Your Life Fiercely! ( a little LoVe message from Daria aka Ria Sweetraw @NaturalSelfGoddess)



gratitude givings ♥ #261

i am super duper grateful for awareness

for those higher ascended teachers

who share my path of knowing and being

who live brutally honest and without illusion

who have turned darkness into light

who walk with the crown

who are my greatest reflection

i love you, i thankh you, i am grateful!

day 261


gratitude givings ♥ #231

I am thankful for this Brother
Sharing his wisdom and time
for his perseverance of love of Art and Her

I give because you give
recycling this abundance
walking in the path of transformation and crystallization
expanding these butterfly wings

and I am grateful !

Day 231



gratitude givings ♥ #230

I am Grateful for this Sunshine
his kind words of power
manifesting his inner projections of success
his familiar voice and presence
this millionaire mindset

I am Thankful for this Reflection
for association and support
for the like attracts like
for the ready set go
the care and give back
for this sun coming after the rain
(thank you!)

Day 230



gratitude givings ♥ #229

I am grateful for beautiful synchronicities
for signs
for laughter
for kinnection
for romance
for sexiness
for courage
for beautiful
and butterflies
this rain and thunder of shango and oya
the love of oshun and yemaya
for Ancestors
for mysterious melanin
for chlorophyll
and our radiance
for our fierce triumph
for eternal love

Day 229 (as the Rain falls, we Love)



gratitude givings ♥ #220 (see more love ♥ be love ♥ share love!)

I am Grateful for the Love I see in this World
Wellness is Love
at every angle

my focus is to be more love
to bring more Love
into my Life
into this World!

Day 220


gratitude givings ♥ #217

i am grateful for the power to see clearly

to penetrate illusion and falsehoods

to know truth and justice

natural order and fairness for all

as blessings from all eternity

as gifts from life upon life

Day 217


gratitude givings ♥ #216

I am Grateful

for my psychic gifts

and the  warrior goddess within me

who awakens at attention

saging corners and commanding peace, love, honor,

higher vibrations and angelic support

spreading fierce love in meditation

and sharp A tibetan  healing  form into the early morning  air

Day 216



gratitude givings ♥ #213

I am Grateful

for sleeping in this morning! 😉

for  spontaneity

prosperity and love ♥

Day 213


thankful (4)

gratitude givings ♥ #212

Feels like Dance Class!

I am grateful for this morning sweat!

And the  resilience to do it again.

Day 212