Speak Love into Your WATER!

ilovemyouIf you think Words dont have power, think again. Simple words of kindness and love generate healing vibrations into the atmosphere and within the body.

In fact, words like “I Love You” form beautiful crystalline geometric structures in water while words like “you are ugly” form muddled dark blobs.

Ever been drawn to someone only to find that that person is so cheerful and kind their seemingly small gestures leave you feeling better, or relaxed or just happy? You may have stepped into their aura or auric field which was vibrating at a higher level and emitting love, inner joy, and well being.

Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scholar and scientist, author of “The Hidden Messaglangwateres in Water” and “Love Thyself” studied water and words and discovered that there is a direct relationship and powerful interdependent transformation between water and words on a vibration level. His experiments proved that mean-spirited, lower level vibrational words produced or created “malformed” crystals.  He goes further to prove that thoughts not just words have the power to produce this same transformational albeit physiological effect. He believes that since the human body is over 65% water that we have the power to create peace, love, and healing into our atmosphere, our bodies and our communities simply by speaking and thinking such ‘higher-level thoughts and words.


“Hado creates words Words are the vibrations of nature Therefore beautiful words create beautiful nature Ugly words create ugly nature
This is the root of the universe.”~Masaru Emoto

In April of 2014, I read Dr. Emoto’s, The Secret Language of Water to school age children during an arts as education program. The children old enough to ‘get it’ were fascinated with the subject matter and relationships between words, water and emotions.








Simple Higher Vibration Words: 
“Thank You”
“I Love You”
“I Appreciate You”
“I am Success+filled” “You are Successful”
“I am Love” “We are Love”
“YOU are Healthy and Fit” ” I am Healthy and Fit”


The next time you grab a bottle of water, bless it, think happy, kind loving thoughts, whisper “i love you”, smile deeply from within and get your hydration on! (smiling) You are strengthening your spiritual body, effecting your physical body and creating healthy vibrant, glowing aura! I love this NaturalSelf Lifestyle !!!! ~ Bliss + BeFit +Be Natural Superheros!





Full Dr. Emoto Water Cystals Video

Come out Yoga with Us, Wed, April 30th at the Appleby Branch Library!

Peace and Blissings,

Come out and Yoga with Us, Wednesday, April 30th at the Appleby Branch Library!  I will be concluding my  One Human Family Love + Love Earth Ourselves 2 -part Series include; 

  1. Free Kids Yoga, (April 30, 2013)
  2. Poetry and Reading of “The Message of Water,” from the EMOTO PEACE PROJECT, and  (April 24, 2013)
  3. yogawithria

    naturalself by riasweetraw believes  Sustainopreneurship is the future!

    By giving back to community we not only strengthen our communities but empower our children with tools that last through and into adulthood. One Human Family Love + Love Earth Ourselves was birthed with the idea that creative sharing  of information, facts, storytelling and the arts are empowering tools to teach love, tolerance and the importance of social responsibility. One Human Family Love + Love Earth Ourselves foundation is too use the creative force as a partnership business model to educate community, families and thus sustain our ecosystems and quality of life.

    Here is more of what  One Human Family Awareness + Love Earth Ourselves Project provides:

      • yoga
      • poetry
      • arts-education performance
      • conflict resolution
      • eco-literacy
      • organic garden initiatives 
      • community partnerships

I’d love to see you there!

Until then, Namaste and Eat Well!


Ria Sweetraw Takharu
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