where is ria?| fitness check’in

It’s been some time since I posted to NaturalSelfGoddess the Blog, for one I’m happily in college and killing it so far (fingers crossed) in my courses. Truth be told I LOVE SCHOOL, ACADEMICS AND LEARNING!  (i’d learn something new even if i wasn’t in a classroom) Since childhood, I’ve been competitive in academics andContinue reading “where is ria?| fitness check’in”


WHERE HAS RIA BEEN? You probably think I jumped off the face of the earth but I was  recovering from  a serious bout of Anemia and had to take a break from weight training lifting and exercise. It was awful! I had extreme guilt, shame and was in denial. For years I bragged about my almostContinue reading “MY COMING OUT, FINDING BALANCE, LISTENING TO YOUR BODY”

Protect Your Knees, Pilates and Yoga Reign Supreme!

For your Erector Spinae (lower back) and knees /hip flexors get in some quality glute, hamstring, lower back exercises!  Ive incorporated some Glute-Ham, Weighted Hyperextensions and Lots of Core building exercises into my workouts lately and find that my soreness is not the pain I was feeling after heavy weighted Squats after Leg Day. MyContinue reading “Protect Your Knees, Pilates and Yoga Reign Supreme!”

The Healing Flow of Real Talk

Ended Saturday’s workout simply sharing with a Brother! Sometimes an initial “Are you single”, is an invitation to simply be ‘real’ and heal through conversation!  I have long recognized my innate healing abilities. I find that many are drawn to my energy and feel comfortable enough to spill out their deepest truths. Sometimes pain, sometimesContinue reading “The Healing Flow of Real Talk”

Sunday Motivation! Set Your Weekly Intention, Goals..then Get It!

Set Your Weekly Intention, Goals..then Get It! If you can see it you can achieve it! Here are a few Affirmations: I am Committed to being a better person today! I create Opportunities! I can! I Will! Watch Me! I am Consistent! I am a Champion! xo ~ Ria Sweetraw   

10 Ways to Increase Your Run Time

1. Build Strong Core Muscles: Try Plank variations such as Runner Plank, Alt/Side Plank, Basu Ball Planks ,Plank Arm Leg Raises 2. Stretch: Static stretches including hip flexors 3. Practice Striders: Warm up or practice with Sprints to improve speed and technique 4. Switch up your Training:  Choose HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) then Interval TrainingContinue reading “10 Ways to Increase Your Run Time”

the Yin and Yang of Being, BodyBuilding and Practicing Yoga

The Yin and Yang of Being, BodyBuilding and Practicing Yoga? Uhhhh, can you, should you? For me it’s no longer an ‘either or’ debate. Often we feel as if we are forced to choose between parts of ourselves and told we cant do one over  the other, some of us  are stuck with a role that othersContinue reading “the Yin and Yang of Being, BodyBuilding and Practicing Yoga”

Today is Leg Day! Get in the Game, Get It, Get Fit, Get Your Life! Stay Focused!

“You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.” ― Maya Angelou Ahh Today is LEG DAY and I’m full of DOMS (Delayed Onset ofContinue reading “Today is Leg Day! Get in the Game, Get It, Get Fit, Get Your Life! Stay Focused!”