Day 6: ♥ Fitness Holiday July 4th!

Want to loose Belly Fat and Burn Calories Fast? According to research (Colorado State University) you can burn an extra 200 calories by doing just 2.5 minutes of sprint intervals! Day 6! InJoy your 4th, Eat Clean and Travel Safe!  Happy 4th everyone! Now that you’re prepping for that epic barbecue or on the roadContinue reading “Day 6: ♥ Fitness Holiday July 4th!”

Raw-liscious Recipes: Live Food Demo ~ Organic Collard Veggie Wraps

These actually went faster than the Thai Kale Salad which is surprising! I wanted so badly to taste one but I ran out of avocados hmm tonight will be a great night to remake them for myself! (smiling) oh yes and family, of course! ~ Injoy!