Uplift, Purify, Tone! Ancient Cedarwood Aromatherapy

IMG_7652-1.JPGCleanse, Empower and Relieve Muscles Aches from a Gruesome Workout!

Not only do Essential Oils feel good on the skin, they can be used potently in Aromatherapy and inhaled through the nasal passages. Aromatherapy is an ancient healing modality practiced in Antiquity such as Egypt, Africa, India, Tibet, the Mediterranean and throughout the Tribal Regions of North America. Cedar was considered by the Sumerians to be the symbol of “Power,” “Greatness,” and “Immortality.”

Cedar Wood Essential Oil
Cedar Wood Essential Oil

Goddesses like Bast, Isis (Ast), Sekhmet, Hetheru and Aphrodite  were known for their magical and healing use of aromatic scents to heal the body, mind and spirit. These Goddesses were the Queens of Nurture and  in tune with the essence and elements of Nature. They healed the sick, heard flowers bloom,  and brought about births and the wailing back to life and memory. Using their divine feminine intuition, and shaman like powers they were revered, celebrated, honored and respected as the embodiment of womanhood and deity. There is much we can learn from these world culture stories and myth. Their energies and boons (spiritual gifts) remain in our DNA and in the very fabric of this Earth and cosmos.

Isis (Ast) the "Throne" Sacred Goddess of Healing, Magic, Regeneration, Agriculture
Isis (Ast) the “Throne”
Sacred Goddess of Healing, Magic, Regeneration, Agriculture, Children, Wisdom, Marriage

The use of oils and perfumes directly absorbed through the blood stream is a powerfully conscious way to heal, rejuvenate, maintain and strengthen the body’s immunity, mental clarity and sensuality and overall natural organic balance. By using a simple diffuser the essential oil can burn into a vapor by tea light candle in a ceramic sculpture. This method fills the room beautifully with any scent or combination you choose.

Red Cedar Tree
Red Cedar Tree

For the past few days, late nights especially I have blended Cedarwood EO with Tea Tree EO (my senses LOVE this Astringent) and a dash of Cinnamon EO!! ❤️
Note: Cinnamon Essential oil is powerful and can burn the skin! So add just a drop if mixing with other oils and carrier oils. I use Cinnamon mostly for household cleaning and spiritual clearing in prayer and rituals. I may also add Jasmine or Ylang Ylang to bring a lightness or floral air to my body and environment.

Cedarwood has been my favorite essential oil for over 20 years! It’s  safe and great for the skin, hair, in a spray bottle, or diffuser. It was known for its spiritual uses by Tibetan Monks in the Himalayas. It has a woodsy aroma that I add Jasmine oil floral scent. It can be used as an incense, perfume and massage oil.

Soapstone Aromatherapy Lamps
Soapstone Aromatherapy Lamps

11 Truly Amazing Facts about Cedar Tree and Cedar Wood Oil: 

  1. Cedar was considered the Holy Tree of Life -Sumerian
  2. Sumerian God Ea was the Patron of Cedar Wood
  3. Ancient Egyptian sarcophagus were made of ancient Cedar Trees
  4. Cedar resin was held in high esteem by nobility and royalty in Egypt, Iran, the Middle East, the Celts and Syths, Ancient Hebrews, the Greeks and Romans
  5. Temples and Tombs and fleets of Ships were constructed with Cedar Wood
  6. Cedar wood groves were considered Sacred and Guarded by the State
  7. Cedar wood trees are one of the only trees to mimic human sleep patterns based on seasons these trees shift their biological rhythms much like that of humans  waking up on overcast rainy days at 10 am, bright days at dawn, nap at 3 and 4 pm,  fall asleep at 11 pm (they are known to have souls)
  8. Cedar wood trees have oxygen rich bacterial properties that are so powerful  a hectare of these coniferous giants emits more than 30 kg of airborne organic substances   to render all the pathogenic microbes in a large city harmless
  9. the extracts, poultices, compounds of cedar wood have a history of healing inflammatory disease, eliminates asthma, edema, bronchitis, coughing, infections of the urogenital system
  10. it can aid in gynecological diseases, the bladder and uterus, strengthen immunity, help heal varicose veins, hemorrhoids, rheumatism, paradontal diseases, toothaches and tooth decay, arthritis, and muscle strains, insomnia, and stress, mental and physical fatigue, and help restore activity in the cerebral cortex
  11. as a Beauty Aid it has been used for dermatitis, blackheads, irritation, skin problems, nail repair, wounds, cuts and hair growth, and as a natural deodorant

Resource: L. A. Shchennikov

cedarwood (1)

More Healing Benefits of the Cedar Wood Tree Essential Oil 

From Organic Facts:
The health benefits of Cedarwood Essential Oil can be attributed to its properties as an antiseborrhoeic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, tonic, astringent, diuretic, emenagogue, expectorant, insecticidal, sedative and fungicidal substance.


TONIC: Cedar Wood Oil can be used as a general health tonic, since it tones the organ systems and stimulates metabolism. It tightens and tones muscles, skin, nervous system, stomach, digestive system and brain functions. It boosts the functionality of the kidney and liver, which further improves overall health and wellness.

ANTISPASMODIC: Relieving spasms is yet another important medicinal property of Cedarwood Oil.  Nearly all types of spasms and related ailments can be relieved using this oil. This includes spasms that affect the respiratory system, intestines, muscles, heart and nerves. People that have trouble sleeping due to restless leg syndrome, respiratory seizures, asthma, and other spasmodic conditions also find relief from the soothing properties of cedarwood oil.

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gratitude givings ♥ #233

i am grateful for honesty
for Truth
for clarity
for Strength
for endurance

Day 233


Fit Fridays – You Can Do It If You Believe You Can!

You can succeed if you believe you can! So visualize, meditate, see what it is you want to manifest and focus!!!


Eat Clean! Train Mean!


InJoy and Celebrate Your Life!


Your Goals  Will Be Achieved!


Keep Going, Said the Universal Mind!


You are a Magnet! Raise Your Vibration and Attract!


Appreciation – Always!




You are Closer than You Think, Focus, and Create!



And there it is….

11426167_1664417373774720_1654943697_nHappy Fit Friday!


gratitude givings ♥ #221

I am grateful for for my Nutrition

for Awareness and my inner fortitude to Think, Question, and Know Better

For this Health, Wealth and Wellness!

Day 221


gratitude givings ♥ #220 (see more love ♥ be love ♥ share love!)

I am Grateful for the Love I see in this World
Wellness is Love
at every angle

my focus is to be more love
to bring more Love
into my Life
into this World!

Day 220


♥ 30 Day Meditation Challenge – w/ Faith Hunter

Day 1 – Getting Started With Meditation – with Faith Hunter



There are so many benefits to practicing meditation! 
  • Improves Sleep and Sleep patterns
  • Lowers Blood Pressure
  • Increased good mood
  • Increases Serotonin production
  • Strengthens the Immune System
  • Empowers Energy and Inner Outer Strength
  • Decreases Anxiety and depression
  • Increases Intuition and opens higher chakras
  • Creates a sharper, stronger mind
  • Helps Transform Your Life!


meditation_faithhunterSign up for the challenge here: http://www.doyouyoga.com/faithhunter/
And subscribe to the DoYouYoga channel: http://bit.ly/doyouyoga

Welcome to Day 1 of the Free Meditation Challenge. Faith has created 30 different meditation exercises to assist you in finding your zen, reducing stress, and to helping you create balance in your life. These meditation lessons are less than 10 minutes each, and will add clarity and focus in every aspect of your life. Today’s meditation is simple and will help you begin the journey to cultivating a meditation practice.

Make sure to join the DoYouYoga community and join thousands of others in your meditation practice at:http://www.doyouyoga.com/faithhunter/



Fitness+Wellness: 30 Day Fit Challenge

I have to have a movement to keep me motivated! It has to be all or nothing – I’m either all in or not at all. I went to my sister’s private gym a few weeks ago tagging along with her and her kids to their community pool. Since I didn’t have a bathing suit on hand I rushed into their tiny weight room. There were elliptical machines, treadmills, cycles, flat screen monitors, some basic free weights a bench and a cable pulley machine. For over 30 minutes, I was in gym heaven doing sets and reps and super sets.

riasweetraw_colorrun-augustagaFor the next 3 days, I couldn’t move and I was satisfied. Immediately after my workout, I had a glow return to my face, eyes and skin. My body aligned in perfect posture. I felt alive!!! Whoever says working out is not for black woman or people period is a nut job! I’ve been on this planet enough lifetimes in sedentary or monk-like ascetic lifestyles to finally injoy the benefits of real movement from let’s say non-movement, lethargy and America’s normal sedentary lifestyle choices. Maybe if my job would include 80% active movement I’d not have to workout so often but I can tell you from experience that the sedentary alternative even when including a vegan or vegetarian food choice just doesn’t cut for me!

I don’t consider myself ‘old’ or elderly no matter what true age I seem to be approaching (lol), my body screams “keep me fit” “keep me flexible” “keep me alive and moving” and so I follow this inner guidance as my true voice and plan not someone else’s life paradigm. It feels right! I feel right! And that is enough for me!

So I’m doing a 30 Fitness Challenge, still vegan, and vegetarian strong, hair in its natural state. I’ve lost 10 lbs and haven’t gained it back. So now I’m ready to tone up. hit some cardio and strengthen this body of mine.

Fitness Challenges on the Web

What used to be called the Neila Rey workouts is now called DareBee. My sun actually got me hooked on these and I’d done a few when I didn’t have access to the gym and equipment. My goal is Workout Daily – anytime and anywhere!

Start: Test Your Fitness and Choose a Training Plan or Program

Fitness Test

To find out what level of difficulty (I, II or III) you should be doing our routines on, perform three exercises (push-ups, sit-ups and basic burpees) one after another each for 60 seconds. Count how many push-ups, sit-ups and basic burpees you can do in 60 seconds and use the table below to find out the level that is suitable for you:

Level I Level II Level III
1-20 push-ups
1-20 sit-ups
1-20 burpees
21-39 push-ups
21-39 sit-ups
21-29 burpees
40 and over push-ups
40 and over sit-ups
30 and over burpees

Training Plans

These are 7 Day Workouts you can choose from. Choose one and stick to it for 7 Days! You can either continue for another 7 days or choose another for 7 days, just keep it going and keep it moving.

Fighter – weight loss and tone

Day 1: Martial Arts Workout (L1-L3)
Day 2: Strength Workout (L1)
Day 3: Martial Arts Workout (L1-L3)
Day 4: Casual Training
Day 5: Martial Arts Workout (L1-L3)
Day 6: High Burn Workout (L1)
Day 7: Casual Training

 Assassin –  weight loss and tone

Day 1: High Burn Workout (L1-L3)
Day 2: HIIT / High Burn Workout (L1)
Day 3: Casual Training / Walk (30+ min)
Day 4: High Burn Workout (L1-L3)
Day 5: Strength Workout (L1)
Day 6: Casual Training / Walk (30+ min)
Day 7: High Burn Workout (L1-L3)

Superhero – overall fitness

Day 1: Superhero Workout (L1-L3)
Day 2: Strength Workout (L1)
Day 3: Ab Work / Stretching (L1-L3)
Day 4: Superhero Workout (L1-L3)
Day 5: High Burn Workout (L1)
Day 6: Superhero Workout (L1-L3)
Day 7: Long walk / Long run (45+ min)

Amazon – overall fitness

Day 1: Super Heroine Workout (L1-L3)
Day 2: Ab Work / Stretching (L1-L3)
Day 3: High Burn Workout (L1)
Day 4: Super Heroine Workout (L1-L3)
Day 5: HIIT / High Burn Workout (L1-L3)
Day 6: High Burn Workout (L1)
Day 7: Ab Work / Stretching (L1-L3)

Ranger – weight loss and tone

Day 1: Running + Ab Work (L1-L3)
Day 2: Bodyweight Workout (L1-L3)
Day 3: Long run (60+ minutes)
Day 4: HIIT Workout (L2-L3) / Sprints
Day 5: Bodyweight Workout (L1-L3)
Day 6: Running + Ab Work (L1-L3)
Day 7: Long run (60+ min)

Gladiator – strength

Day 1: Strength Workout (L1-L3)
Day 2: Ab Work (L1-L3)
Day 3: Strength Workout (L1-L3)
Day 4: Casual Training
Day 5: Strength Workout (L1-L3)
Day 6: Ab Work (L1-L3)
Day 7: Strength Workout (L1)

or you can choose other programs:

7 Day Micro HIIT

30 Days of Change 

30 Days of Strength 

Total Abs

30 Days HIIT Advanced

30 Day Cardio Blast 

or Light Foundation programs for beginners.

Calories Burned Calculator

Check this out and keep track of your daily workouts.

Running + Sprinting

Get your running, walking, and sprinting in! Daily cardio is a must so remember to stretch prior to your workouts and include running, walking and sprinting. Running is an effective form of exercise that can make you feel empowered AND transform your mid section tightening core muscles and legs. Don’t underestimate this integral part of fitness it will serve you well to include in your daily workout out plan.

Sprinter Workout

30 Day Running Programs and Workouts from DareBee.com (formerly Neila Rey)

From walking to running




Sprinter Workout 


Rest Day and Active Rest Day Fitness
(everyday warm up or cool down)


14 Day Yoga Shred Challenge with Sadie Nardini

30  Day Fitness Challenge – with Erin Motz of DoYouYoga.com 


30 Day Meditation Challenge with Faith Hunter 

Why Frequency Matters – How to Raise Your Vibration Fast!

Frequency Matters

Raising higher frequencies creates a life that is filled with synchronicity, magic, blessings, abundance and wellness. It is a natural high that is completely organic, non toxic, and empowering for all. As you receive unconditional love and consciously channel that frequency others come to you for healing and subsequently reciprocate love, kindness, joy, optimism, healing, creative abundance right back to you. It is a cyclical, spiral-type of relationship constantly exchanging through give and take, ebb and flow, rhythmic energetic dances.

We are Love!

black-couple-laughing1Attract relationships that Honor your Highest Good and your Highest Self, be fearless in walking away from ‘anything’ that does not feel ‘right’ or resonate with your highest good or higher self. Pay attention to signs, signals, and communication from reactions to events, thoughts, words-if there is hesitation confront that emotion until it reveals its source. If you are unsure continue and wait for the answer. Believe it or not you will see what you are meant to see, at the right time, just pay attention so you properly receive the information or confirmation clearly. If something feels good, its good; if it feels bad, or questionable, its bad for you. What maybe good for someone else may not be good for you and vise versa, so be crystal clear, patient, and confident. Be thankful and give gratitude and love in all directions. What is meant for you will come to you at the right time. Be open to receive Higher vibration, unconditional love, reciprocity, kindness, balance wellness, abundance, all that you affirm into your life.  Know that nurturing your inner relationship to Self brings clarity and empowerment and the eye to receive inner guidance. Remember you are a magnet consistently attracting and repelling. The Universe always lets you know.The Universe always supports you.

How to Raise Your Vibration – Easy Steps!

  • drumacts of kindness
  • singing
  • dancing
  • drumming
  • eating high alkaline foods
  • forgiveness
  • smiling
  • meditation
  • pranayama (breath work)
  • acts of kindness and gratitude
  • cuddling
  •  laughter
  • living (your) truth
  • honoring self
  • doing what you love
  • animal care and companionship
  • self+love affirmations
  • watching a comedy
  • community work
  • sharing gifts
  • giving things away
  • meditation-575nurturing self (candle baths)
  • soft, sweet, clarifying essential oils
  • living a spiritual based life
  • cultivating compassion
  • saying “I LOVE YOU”
  • planting trees
  • smudging and cleaning
  • listening to classical music or classical jazz
  • releasing dogma and judgement
  • letting go of the past
  • growing an organic garden
  • living in the now
  • being thankful
  • following your intuition
  • hugging (your children, family, friends)
  • speaking your truth
  • being natural and organic
  • quality sex
  • using words to heal and empower
  • Sun gazing
  • giving back

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Copper Obsessed, Healing Benefits!

Copper Obsessed, Healing Benefits!

Ancient Healing Properties of Copper 

ankhbraceletCopper’s anti-microbial properties have been used since ancient times in Sumeria and Kemet (Ancient Egypt) to promote wellness, channel energy, activate life force (prana or chi) and fight dis-ease, infection. 

Egyptians and Greeks used copper to kill bacteria, pathogens and parasites in drinking water. Copper is known to fight fungus and has a 2000 plus year history of medical applications for pathologies and healing.

Copper’s anti-microbial properties

Copper (Cu), Trace Element

Assists in the absorption of iron (Fe). Helps the body expel fat while increasing metabolism, neutralizes free radicals,
Produces hemoglobin (red blood cells) and myelin (substance surrounding the nerve fibers), collage and of course, melanin!
Increases Vitamin C metabolism, and structural protein for muscles and joints. In addition, it acts as an Anti-inflammatory agent known to reduce the symptoms of arthritis, and inflammatory diseases.

 Ever wonder what that blue-green dark spot on your skin was from wearing copper? It’s called iontophoresis, excess sulphates expelled from the body  via the integumentary  system (skin). This indicates that your copper bracelet is working and ridding your body of excess toxins.


Copper Infused Clothing

The week of this draft I saw Asian medical doctors wearing copper infused clothing to work with patients as a preventative measure for diseases and wellness. Unfortunately I couldnt find that news segement anywhere on ‘my’ google search but I did find this from TFOT (The Future of Things):

Cupron’s manufacturing process and products, An Israeli company developed a technology which uses copper to create anti bacterial clothing. The technology which recently received the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency approval is said to be able to reduce active fungus in athlete’s foot by more than 99.9 percent after 12 hours of contact with the fiber.


More Facts on Copper, Esoteric, Historical, Myths

Copper is an ancient healing metal found in Sumeria and Egypt’s Africa was once said to be more precious than Goldcopper_obsessed. In Egypt this metal is associated with the Goddess HetHeru (Hathor: “House or Celestial Heaven of the God Heru”) where Copper Ore and Turquoise mines (Sinai, Serabit el-Khadim (Khadem) were established in her honor. Ancient Egyptians took great care of the Earth’s natural resources and fully understood with their higher senses and clairvoyant forms of communication to live harmonically ‘with’ the Earth and thus not only used architecture and technology as a ‘tool’ to ‘energize’ the planet but to subsequently filter and transmute intentional ‘energy’ to it’s communities, citizens and tribes (kingdoms) and ecosystems. For us (modern day humans) to properly understand the phenomena of Ancient Egyptian culture and the metaphysical spiritual behaviour and psyche of the predynastic human of ancient Egypt or Sumer one would have to establish or accept that humans of that ‘time’ were in many ways ‘more’ advanced in the sciences, mathematics, arts etc than we are today.



Maintaining Wellness with Metals and Gems


I wear copper because I LOVE the way it feels! There is an ancient, mythical quality about it that I seem to have an affinity for,sure it might be the black girl hippy in me (smile), but I feel closer to “Earth” and “wellness” when I wear it with my homemade gems, necklaces, bracelets and waistbeads. I mix copper with my bead-making jewelry to give my creations an outer-worldly look and feel. It’s another beautiful “gem” that looks sexy, amazing while healing you simultaneously — As Nature intended!

~ Empowerment, Wellness, Prosperity and Unity!

Ria Sweetraw Takharu





Shop for Ankhs! (https://www.etsy.com/shop/ilarian) on Etsy and find her page on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/ilarianinzim)


30-Day Challenge, Choosing to Be Fit!

You’ve seen the quote “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” – George Bernard Shaw, well, what if the saying goes,  Life is about Creating Yourself AND Challenging Yourself?~ Ria Sweetraw Takharu

AlthoQuote_120507ugh Ive been an example of living a healthy lifestyle for over 25 years, I have, like many delved into various levels of nutrition, alternative health modalities, and aspects of fitness. So technically, Ive lived a healthy lifestyle, but the question of being fit is something very different.  One can be healthy by being active 30 minutes a day with exercise,  running or walking. Staying healthy is eating the right food choices, getting the right amount of nutrients to support healthy body function, getting good rest and sleep each day, and getting in daily exercise to raise your heart  rate level. Simple, right? Being fit however is something very different.  In my opinion, choosing to Be Fit is committing to a weekly exercise program 3-5 days per week for 30 minutes to 1 hour, following nutritional menus that support your fitness goals, and measuring your results through strength, endurance,agility and aesthetic transformation.

Being Fit is where the challenge comes in! You look in the full length mirror and say tumblr_mod6lr9mE11sumr5go1_500“What if?” You ask yourself that forever looming question, “Do you have what it takes to be, or move to that kind of level, that next level?”


We ask ourselves this all the time. When we see others doing the very things we ‘wish’ we could do for ourselves. The ‘Challenge’ comes in and says “You can do it yourself!  Can you do it?” then slaps you with “Will you do it?”  Being Fit, is all about “The Challenge” one has within the Self to transform some area of your body, and ultimately areas of your Life.

fitness-motivational-posters-2Everything is connected. You change your Mental self talk, that changes your Motivation and thus your outlook on Life! That supports the transformation of  Your Physical body, but also your Spiritual body,and so on! It leads to a transformation of Energy. Ultimately, from Fear based self imposed limitations to Love -Inspired living and thriving. (smile)

Each day fitness allows me to see life with a new lens. I use this medium to dig deep within myself, question my Spirit and observe mental patterns that I have allowed to keep me from a better lifestyle, joy, happiness or love. When I allow ‘The Challenge’ to present itself I am only confronting some part of mySelf that has been resistant to change, transformation or balance.  When I make a choice to take ‘The Challenge’ (whatever form that comes in) I am saying to My Self, “I love YOU, YOu are enough, You are more than you think, You Can, You Will, DO IT, NOW!”  When I fail, I pause, I get back up, I go from walking to slow stride, to a sprint with long swift stretches, winning, its me against me, its me embracing me,  my whole body tingles, I am in the midst of transforming my my mind, body and spirit in this one moment. A part of mySelf is restored and healed. I am Transforming! The Challenge is the necessary component to Re+Creating YourSelf!


 Are you ready? Ready, Set, Let’s Go!

Okay, so that’s my spiritual piece on taking up  “The Challenge” and choosing to Be Fit. Now comes the physical ‘work’ . Where do you start? You may already have a Be Fit weekly routine or series of workouts, just as I do. You may want to “Add” something else to your routine. Or you may be considering starting a new fitness program and want to Be Fit. You may simply want to see if you can do an exercises for an extended period of time. You may want a New Challenge! (smile) Choose a 30-Day Challenge, here are a some exercise that target specific muscle groups that will support your fitness goals, some target the Abs, Legs, Arms, from Neila Rey. My son does them and comes out of his room drenched in sweat, panting and feeling accomplished, he’s been encouraging me to take a look and pick up a workout or challenge. I choose both!

Now Let’s Get It, Let’s Get Fit! (@riasweetraw: instagram, twitter, facebook @riasweetraw fitgoddess

Squats Challenge, http://www.neilarey.com


Cardio Challenge, www.neilarey.com
Cardio Challenge, http://www.neilarey.com
Core Challenge, www.neilarey.com
Core Challenge, http://www.neilarey.com